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Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Winter Weather


Winter weather generally means all of us are cold and that means critters as well. So as we are trying to maintain our houses, pests are trying to get in. Any hole or opportunity will allow them inside. I would recommend the use of IPM, the art of using everything at your fingertips and then getting to pesticide if you have to.

  • Do a monthly or at least quarterly check of your property.
  • Seal any cracks or holes on the home, use caulking or steel wool if rodents are involved. Remember mice need a hole the size of a dime. Rats require something in the area of a quarter to gain entry. Seal it with steel or copper wool and calking or cement.
  • Remove, replace any wood rot and seal it if possible.
  • Keep trash receptacles closed and clean and away from house.
  • Keep bushes, trees and vines away from the house.
  • Keep wood trim painted or sealed to keep away pests.
  • Keep water usage to a minimum, make sure you’re not collecting water in certain areas.
  • If you have a crawlspace keep it clean and dry, always good to keep it ventilated as well.
  • Once a year have a termite inspection done, they can also perform a pest inspection.
  • When in doubt, or maybe you don’t understand the pest – time to hire a Professional call 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

The picture is of bait in a rodent station and as you can see activity is taking place. The bricks show that something is gnawing at it, the next visit may or may not show more evidence but rodents should on the down swing.

Adult Antions

Adult Antlions

So what are Adult Antlions? Have you ever seen those holes in dry sand? It resembles the Sarlacc from star wars fame. It first appeared in the film Return of the Jedi (1983) as a multi-tentacled alien beast whose immense, gaping jaw is lined with several rows of sharp teeth. As a child I would dig up them up and watch the tiny little lion use its jaws, then put it back and feed it an ant.

Its amazing to me that this little thing becomes a huge winged bug. I guess that some insect species, are way to cool for their good. Like the  caterpillar to butterfly and dragon fly nymph to dragon fly. Some cool creatures are out there. I really love those jumping spiders – the ones that are the size of a dime and multi colored. There is one called the Peacock Jumping Spider by Jurgen Otto that is so colorful, even has a tail appendage that is bright just like a Peacock. There are also those creepy things that go bump in the night, Zombie spiders (I’m kidding) no such thing. But the movie Arachnophobia (scary), freaks me out every time I see it.  We all have those things that scare us, maybe its rodents or maybe spiders. Adult Antlions are the adult version of the small predatory antlions that wait for their victims. Adults just feed on nectar and pollen so be careful out there if you fall in their hole jk not that big. Now if you ran into the Sarlacc, that would be something that could get you…

Holes – Rodents – Those things that should live outside.

So what are all those holes around your home? No idea, could be rats, mice, spiders and/or snakes. Well it’s a good bet that you wil find out soon, either the temperature or the rain will probably draw them out. Or maybe you have seen something. Better call before they start scavenging for food especially if its rodents. They really like to gnaw on wires and pipes, that will cost more than the preventive treatment.

  • Check home for holes and entry points. Fix them
  • Check screens.
  • Check for fallen fruit.
  • Check garage door for entry points.
  • Call ProBest if you need an opinion 480-831-9328
Attic infestation

Attic infestation

Attic infestation, can be caused by many critters including mice and rats. But they are not the only ones, have you considered wildlife like raccoons, birds and bats. Remember mice only need a hole the size of a dime and a rat a quarter. I think everyone should inspect their home twice a year, maybe the attic once a year maybe at Christmas. Attic infestation can occur from a few days to months. Take the packages into the garage and open them up. You don’t or need bugs or rats inside your home. That in itself could cause you hours or time you could be buying me a gift. This also goes for sheds, check that shed at least once during the summer and once during the winter. The National Pest Management Association constantly updates articles at their site, check it out for Fall and Winter pests. They also included a Bug Barometer for the seasons. Walk around the outside checking for honeybees and holes underneath. If you spot holes, or poop it’s time to call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328. Nobody likes surprises that cost money so on Attic infestations catch it early = no need to pay. Even if your looking for an opinion or need something identified, give us a call.


  1. Open holes, check the louvered screens and weep holes.
  2. Look around insulation for tunnels.
  3. Look around for feces.
  4. Look around for dead bodies or scavenging.
  5. Look around for scratching.

It’s not the appliance but the hole that lets in the critters.

The appliance and the hole.

The appliance and your home. It’s the hole that affects the entry of the pests. Often the wall socket is surrounded by the cover but may still allow pests. The cover may fit tightly but the technique is to fill in that gap with caulking. By sealing the outside, you stop the pests outside. But if there is a gap and they encounter it they may get in. Home-sealing is still the best option and helps to add one more line of defense against the possible invasion of pests.

Home-sealing eliminates the holes or crack that scorpions, ants and spiders may take into your home. You can do your own sealing or hire a professional company to do it. It is better to be done in the winter if you you-re doing it as it HOT and messy. You can do the inside any ole time and its easy enough to do, pull the cover down or off and caulk.


Your home and Rodents

Your home versus rats and mice

Home checks – always quite handy to keep a check on things, if you notice something unusual check it out and call your Pest Management Professional at 480-831-9328. I’ve advocated for years that you do a monthly check of your house and out buildings. This goes goes for your business as well, never hurts to just take a walk and check things out. Oh and another idea, when the Pest Operator shows up, explain what you think is going on. Always helps to get your perspective on the problems.

  1. Check roof and base of house.
  2. Fill in any holes.
  3. Pick up fruit.
  4. Check weep hole.
  5. Check inside and outside.

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Why is sanitation important to controlling pest and rodents?

You’ve seen those hoarder shows and you know the reason why your home or business shouldn’t be cluttered. But why do people collect or let their homes become a cluttered mess? There are many factors in that equation but let’s just talk about those conducive conditions that let pest occupy or inhabit our homes or lives.

  • Holes or opening in walls – patch those holes
  • Picking up fruit from ground or better yet donate it a charity
  • Eliminate water sources
  • Don’t allow dog or pet food to set around
  • Clean trash can or dumpsters
  • Trim weeds
  • Don’t allow trees or bushes to touch the home or business
  • Install or make sure screens are in place
Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

Do you know of any others?


What is digging up my yard?








Do you have holes in your yard? Have you seen critters or other animals digging in your yard? Many things can cause damage to yards, from animals digging for their food to animals or insects trying to get away from something. You know who to call…

What are all those holes in my yard?

probestpest20140417_093245 There are a number of things that can dig up those yards. Out here in the Wild West we can have all sorts of critters digging up the yards. Wild pigs or Javelina use their noses to dig up roots, pocket gophers dig burrows and eat roots under the ground and numerous insects dig holes to bury other insects or arachnids as food for their young. By the way ignoring these holes may lead to bushes and trees dying or by being severely damaged.

So if you are getting holes or something damaging your yard it may well be the time to call in a Pest Management Professional or Wildlife Professional.


pocket gophers

Pocket gophers can cause serious damage to plants and vegetation.

Pocket Gophers can really do some serious damage to our lawns and properties. Along with their damage they can create holes which people can fall into and often times could lead to broken bones or physical damage to young or older people. I have heard some people say “well they really don’t harm things so lets just leave them alone”? They will damage landscapes including bushes, trees and create unsightly holes and that alone should be enough to stop them from further damaging your lawn. Bushes and trees cost money and if someone falls because of a hole, how much is that doctor or urgent care call?

One of the biggest concerns is damage to playgrounds, soccer fields and areas where children run and play. They actually perform a good service aerating the soil, but the damage often seen is the dying vegetation. They rarely leave their underground complex and most damage is done to the roots of bushes, since they only feed on vegetation. They get all their water from the vegetation they consume. They breed during the Spring to early summer and often have up to 7 babies per year. So has you can see that family can grow quickly causing more damage. It is possible to have 2 -20 gophers per acre of course depending on food availability. Gophers may live up to two years and the majority will be young adults. Gophers are not known to be a significant source of any diseases transmittable to humans or animals. People can trap these critters which is time consuming or use bait injected into the ground and hidden away from prying eyes. Many additional critters may use their tunnels for their benefit including lizards and toads.

Call ProBest for more information or to schedule a visit 480-831-9328

pocket gophers

pocket gophers

pocket gophers

pocket gophers

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