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QualityPro & Crimshield – A Step Above the Competition




In 2005 ProBest earned this coveted mark of excellence, only a year after National Pest Management Association started the program. Current ownership happened in 2005 and we saw the upgrade to almost every part of our strategy to stay above the rest.

We also saw the need to become part of Crimshield in 2008, we background our employee’s each and every year just to be sure there are no surprises.


Green Pest & Termite Solutions





GreenPro, is a stringent yet practical, sustainable, and eco-effective solution that has been tailored for today’s environmentally conscious consumer.  GreenPro’s integrated pest management (IPM) program will continue to emphasize a systems approach that focuses on long-term pest prevention/suppression coupled with minimal impact on human health, property, the environment, and non-target organisms.

Green Pest Management or Organic Pest Management – or IPM, how do you tell the difference? More details as these programs continue to roll out.

In the old days spraying homes was the norm, today people understand that continued use of poisons or pesticides in homes isn’t necessary. To be honest that isn’t what ProBest Pest Management is all about, we are not a spray and soak your home with chemicals company. We will identify and help you solve your pest problems. We truly believe in IPM and we practice what we preach. That is why we are members of PESP and GreenPro.

What is the Global Pest Market? Part 1

Global Pest Market

Global Pest Market


Global Pest Control Services Market: Trends and opportunities (2013-2018)“. talks about the growing trend in green type pest control.

My concern is that most people truly don’t understand what makes green GREEN. What is organic and what makes a service green is open to debate. My definition of Green may just be Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and ProBest strives to do this everyday. We promote the use of less pesticide inside, while doing everything we can from the outside – to keep pests out. If you can keep out the pests and keep down their food, this might equal less pests getting into your home or business.

So if you need a Green service – find out what the pest company considers GREEN or better yet check out a GreenPro company :




What exactly is QualityPro and why do I care as a consumer?


QualityPro is a nationwide certification for

pest management companies.


  • When selecting a pest management company to service your account, National Pest Management Association (NPMA) feels strongly that it is important for you to have the right resources to make an educated decision on who you let in your home and business. Through QualityPro, you can feel confident that prior to a technician arriving at your door, all employees of a QualityPro company must first go through a comprehensive criminal background check, meet a stringent drug-free workplace policy, and have the professional knowledge necessary to successfully reduce and eliminate unwanted pests. Therefore, we encourage you to ask your provider if they have earned the QualityPro certification so that you can know you’re hiring the best in the business. 
  • This widely respected certification requires pest management companies to ascribe to a comprehensive set of standards. Earned by less than 3% of companies in the United States, the QualityPro designation demonstrates a commitment to excellence and provides consumers with an easy way to identify and be confident in their selection of a quality pest management provider.

Did you know about School IPM programs?


There are a lot of friends and industry members that read and follow my home seal (thank you), so I wanted to be sure to update you on a fellow site that is full of resources. IPM Institute

“Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a prevention-based, highly effective approach proven to reduce pest complaints and pesticide use by up to 90% in schools and other public buildings.  IPM practices such as sanitation and exclusion also improve food safety, fire safety and energy conservation.”

Every day, 49 million children attend school in the United States, served by nearly seven million teachers and staff.   But they’re not alone.  Schools are also frequented by a number of pests including cockroaches, mice, dust mites and more.  Asthma is epidemic among children, impacting nearly 6% of school children nationally with rates as high as 25% in urban centers.  Cockroaches are potent asthma triggers.

I have said numerous times that it is absolutely important to use care in the delivery of pesticides. I believe so much in that principle – that we hardly ever treat inside homes any longer. With that said I still think there is a place and a necessity for the use of pesticides. Here are a few examples when it might be necessary:

  1. Africanized Honeybees inside the school
  2. Invasion of German roaches (probably from boxes delivered the night before)
  3. Rodent/wildlife loose in school
  4. Bed Bugs

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It’s us versus them, what an I talking about?

It’s us versus them, what an I talking about?

You know the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” I quoted a termite job this week at $795 and they had a bid for $315 – why the BIG difference.

  • I was quoting a Premium Termiticide not just some cheap crap!
  • There is no one that does a better quality job than ProBest!
  • ProBest belongs to several higher standards – ie; QualityPro (QualityPro Schools, QualityPro Food Protection and QualityPro – GreenPro. ProBest is also an industry  member of the National Pest Management Association and Arizona Pest Professional Organization. ProBest also is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce of Gilbert. ProBest also has reviews all over the web, Kudzu, MerchantCircle and Manta. We also have background checked all employees yearly since 2008 through Crime Free Circle – providing you with peace of mind.
  • No person or company is perfect but we put ourselves out there to prove and help you make an intelligent opinion about our service. We may make mistakes but we endeavor to make it right.

Is it really FREE? Come on are you really going to fall for that same ole trick!

Is it really FREE? Come on are you really going to fall for that same ole trick!

I think we all know the saying “If something sounds to good to be true its probably isn’t” and for some reason I’ve been hearing it more and more these days. So here are some pointers that I will suggest to un-complicate your life.

  1. A Termite job done right cannot cost $299 unless the house is the size of a shed.
  2. A Bed Bug treatment on a 4000 square foot home cannot be done for $500.
  3. Always check to see if the vendor has the proper licensing and insurance!
  4. Check out the company’s review online if possible.
  5. Are they members of National Pest Management Association, what about the Better Business Bureau and/or the Chamber.
  6. Go with your gut feeling, cause if it sounds to good to be true – maybe it’s not the company you want to use.


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