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Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet – Do you live in Maricopa or Pinal County, AZ, would you like a magnet for your fridge? Just send an email to sales@callprobest with your address and we will send you one while supplies last and only to Maricopa or Pinal Counties. One of the best magnets for your fridge, noticeable and convenient for the entire family.

This service is free to the general public anytime they call day or night 24/7/366 and directly from their site 72% are managed by phone greatly reducing the costly emergency room or urgent care facility”. Did you know that 40,000 deaths occur each year from poisoning? You can help to support the agency, contact them directly. Check out UofA Pharmacy

When should you call Poison Control?

  • You think someone has been poisoned.
  • Has someone taken too many drugs or unknown medications.
  • Need to know more about a drug.
  • You or your pet has been stung or bitten by a poisonous creature.
  • Need information about preventing accidental poisonings.
  • If you have any question at all about medications, household products, venomous insects and reptiles.

Each and every day they receive numerous calls dealing from everything from bites, stings and accidental poisonings. 7 out of 10 callers mange their issue without having to go to an emergency room and this saves money and time for those staffers.





Not my favorite bug, Flies are the worst but roaches and their messiness are just disgusting.  German Roaches come inside your home via boxes, they hang tight until they get into your homes from warehouses that contain food stuffs. Then when you leas expect them, they come out to set up shop at your place. So here are a few facts:

  1. They prefer to hide in boxes and are brought into homes.
  2. They are always inside homes, unless lost (OK I’m guessing on that) but they are not an outside bug.
  3. They will eat anything.
  4. They are difficult to get rid of, breed like crazy.
  5. They lay an egg-case with about 30 little eggs inside.
  6. They are a tan color and they have little black stripes on the head.

What to do to keep them out?

1. When bringing home groceries, take product out of the box and put in Tupperware.

2. You can freeze the box, that would kill anything inside. Then put in Tupperware.

3. If you notice one, call a Professional ASAP. Notice #4 above. Oh and don’t use aerosol bombs, those things have their place but often pushes them deeper into cracks and crevices.

4. If you store stuff in garage, don’t use plastic – mice can get into them.




It’s not the appliance but the hole that lets in the critters.

The appliance and the hole.

The appliance and your home. It’s the hole that affects the entry of the pests. Often the wall socket is surrounded by the cover but may still allow pests. The cover may fit tightly but the technique is to fill in that gap with caulking. By sealing the outside, you stop the pests outside. But if there is a gap and they encounter it they may get in. Home-sealing is still the best option and helps to add one more line of defense against the possible invasion of pests.

Home-sealing eliminates the holes or crack that scorpions, ants and spiders may take into your home. You can do your own sealing or hire a professional company to do it. It is better to be done in the winter if you you-re doing it as it HOT and messy. You can do the inside any ole time and its easy enough to do, pull the cover down or off and caulk.


What’s behind your refrigerator?

What’s behind your refrigerator?



Have you ever pulled your refrigerator or freezer away from the wall only to find – what? How about that spoon or fork you couldn’t find, how about rodent feces or maybe a termite mud tunnel?

Here are some excellent reasons to check behind those big items in your home:

  • Time to clean and remove dust from the refrigerator motor, this will help the unit run more efficiently.
  • You might find some unwanted bugs or other stuff, this could save you big money down the road.
  • Sometimes people drop liquid items and never clean it up, (kids).
  • Loose change – more money to pay your Pest Control service fee, oh come on I thought this was a funny one.

Any other ideas on what you might find under or behind those big items in your home?

Just the facts please…. provide info to expedite the treatment!

Just the facts please…. provide info to expedite the treatment!

Today I received a new lead from an online referral site and I’ll tell you I love getting referrals but I need more information. So here is a list of things to tell the bug guy when they show up at your home.

  1. When you call the office please tell the receptionist what you’re experiencing, for example are you being bitten. It is really important to answer the questions like Who, what, where,  when, why and how. To me its almost like being a detective, we need all the information so that we can make an intelligent recommendation on treatment.
  2. After receiving the information the technician comes up with the treatment plan and discusses this with the homeowner.
  3. We have talked about this before but before the technician arrives please reduce clutter and vacuum the area (if you have a bag vacuum please throw it away). I remember years ago in Florida, someone had vacuumed and put the entire vacuum with bag into the closet. I was amazed at the numbers of fleas in the closet and elsewhere in the home, but they were concentrated within that closet.
  4. A lot of the treatment plans may include a followup visit – remember this occurrence took time to build up and probably will take time to completely solve it. Don’t think for one minute that we are magicians and can make this outbreak disappear overnight, won’t happen…. This usually surprises me the most, even after discussing this with some customers they are upset that they still might see the occasional roach or two. I learned many years ago, we attempt to eradicate at least 97% on the first visit to get control but depending on a variety of circumstances this number may change. Sanitation is a leading cause of failure, if the place has grease or oil everywhere all the pesticide in the world won’t change the outcome. The pesticide will lose it efficacy and the roaches will have plenty to eat and not be affected by the product.
  5. Work with the technician and follow any advice, he has probably seen it all so it won’t be a big surprise to him. Clean behind the stove and refrigerator yearly, pay particular attention to the fan motor (warm and probably close to the overflow pan).

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