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Children Medical issues

Children and Medical Issues

Children and Young adults may be susceptible to infestations of cockroaches, rodents and other pests. PestWorld is the official website of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In addition to general pest control resources, you can search for pest operators in your area. Find detailed information on specific household pests to help you prevent problems and issues surrounding their presence.

If pests are present within a home a wide variety of allergies and asthma issues may develop. They can also along with possible internal stomach issues. Certain bugs like cockroaches and flies can spread salmonella and other diseases merely buy walking over food. We haven’t even discussed rodents and the issues they cause , but beware that many diseases can be spread by them. The possibility exists that if rodents and bugs can walk across the food they have the potential of spreading disease and pathogen. Using screens, sealing holes and entry points can help to keep out those un-welcomed guests.  Keeping up with the dog or pets is also crucial – keep the yard clean. Nothing as bad as flies coming in from the poop outside to your food.

Cockroaches children asthma


Your home and Rodents

Your home versus rats and mice

Home checks – always quite handy to keep a check on things, if you notice something unusual check it out and call your Pest Management Professional at 480-831-9328. I’ve advocated for years that you do a monthly check of your house and out buildings. This goes goes for your business as well, never hurts to just take a walk and check things out. Oh and another idea, when the Pest Operator shows up, explain what you think is going on. Always helps to get your perspective on the problems.

  1. Check roof and base of house.
  2. Fill in any holes.
  3. Pick up fruit.
  4. Check weep hole.
  5. Check inside and outside.

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Hey somebody finally gets it, pesticides and the need to use them


EPA pesticide bans threaten you and the economy” by Alan Caruba.

Not killing pests, insects and rodents, is a great way to put everyone’s health in jeopardy. New York City announced a new war in May against rats and will spend $600,000 to hire new inspectors to deal with an increased population. Lyme disease and West Nile Fever are just two of the diseases that require serious insect pest control. A wide variety of insects spread many diseases from Salmonella to Hantavirus. Termites do billions in property damage every year.

I’m a big believer in IPM or Integrated Pest Management – the use of all things in your toolbox before you get or have to use pesticide. There are many things out there that can kill you and all I’m saying is that we have to use common sense in our actions. Everyone touts these GREEN oils and products and if they all worked as well as pesticides I would think we as an industry would use them more and more. But the facts are not conclusive yet that they hold up as long or kill as efficiently as pesticides do. We are using more and more inside versus pesticide because we promote outside first and inside only as the last option.



Do you really like your spices?


There has been some recent work on what exactly you are getting when you purchase spices. “Imported spices from Indian, Mexico found cotaminated with salmonella and excreta.”

12% contaminated with insect fragments, whole insects, and rodent hairs and 7% contaminated with salmonella, a toxic bacteria that can cause severe illness in humans.

So remember those bargains aren’t always bargains. Shop wisely!



I think most food manufacturers take pride in producing their products but things happen from time to time. Have you ever found anything in your food? Comments please.

What flies, spreads disease and is totally yucky?

What flies, spreads disease and is totally yucky?


Well in general flying insects but specifically House Flies. They live and breed in very dirty conditions and can move from one area to another very quickly. You know how I feel about these little bugs, I hate them! It’s that whole thing about throwing up on your food and then lapping it up that just revolts me.

I read someplace a few years ago that people will tolerate a fly but not a cockroach, not me I would rather have a cockroach in my home than a fly. I’m also amazed that at dining places, they are also more worried about roaches than flies and will allow them to congregate on windows and tables. They fly and can be on a pile of dog stuff and on your food in a second while the lowly little cockroach at least has to crawl to your food.

So in my opinion if you own a restauarant get a few machines to handle the ocassional flies and I’ll make a point of eating at your place.


I Hate Flies oh and mosquitoes too!

I Hate Flies oh and Mosquitoes too!


I recently found this new device which I have just placed an order for because I Hate Flies and Mosquitoes too. It is called “Mosquito Eliminator”.



Why is it important to control flies and mosquitoes?

  • House flies have been shown to carry the disease organisms causing typhoid fever, cholera, summer diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax and ophthalmia, as well as parasitic worms. Flies contaminate food and they have been linked to many illnesses including those caused by E-coli, Salmonella, and Streptococci.
  • Attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects.
  • Customers and guest are unaware of the device.
  • No scattered insect parts from electrocution and no hazards from chemical pesticides.
  • Exclusive automatic advance 30 day cartridge trapping system.
  • Fresh sticky surface and attractants released continuously. Proprietary black light technology combined with special attractants.

Call ProBest today to order yours @ $195, replacement cartridges @ $19.95 and UV light $29.95 – local delivery FREE


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