What flies, spreads disease and is totally yucky?

What flies, spreads disease and is totally yucky?


Well in general flying insects but specifically House Flies. They live and breed in very dirty conditions and can move from one area to another very quickly. You know how I feel about these little bugs, I hate them! It’s that whole thing about throwing up on your food and then lapping it up that just revolts me.

I read someplace a few years ago that people will tolerate a fly but not a cockroach, not me I would rather have a cockroach in my home than a fly. I’m also amazed that at dining places, they are also more worried about roaches than flies and will allow them to congregate on windows and tables. They fly and can be on a pile of dog stuff and on your food in a second while the lowly little cockroach at least has to crawl to your food.

So in my opinion if you own a restauarant get a few machines to handle the ocassional flies and I’ll make a point of eating at your place.


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