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Improper and dangerous method to eradicate rodents.

I now understand why the EPA wants to take away these products from consumers. Not all consumers are this reckless. This is dangerous, what if a child ran across this bait while on a walk.

DANGEROUS is about all I can say!

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Rodent Awareness Week – November 16-22, 2014




I think all of us have seen the cartoons of “Tom & Jerry” and “Speedy Gonzales” and the cuteness of the mice etc but they should be feared if they get into your home. We should be aware that letting rodents, mammals and or birds take up residence within our homes can lead to other problems. If we fail to notice or just let them in we could have secondary pests like fleas or ticks, when we eventually get rid of them. I recently had someone call who had bats in a log home and after they excluded the bats they were left with some nasty batbugs similar to bedbugs.



U of A November 2014 newsletter

The University of Arizona provides a very handy newsletter and this month November is right on target. “Rodents: Get them out of your school, house and yard.


I’ve had people say well it’s only 1 mouse or rat, but let me tell you one is enough and should be dealt with ASAP if not sooner. Home-sealing is the best method to keep these little pest out of your home.


Cooler weather might bring in the rodents.

Well the heat is finally going away and the cooler weather is right around the corner. Thank goodness – I’m not sure it was the heat or that humidity but whatever I’m thankful it is getting cooler.

Termites continue to pop up around the valley and if the weather doesn’t get real cold the pests will continue. So now would be a great time to tackle those little chores around the house to prevent pests from getting in. What can you do?

  1. Home seal.
  2. Check sheds or other structures.
  3. Repair window screens or door screens.
  4. Install door thresholds or sweeps.
  5. Install garage door seals.
  6. Trim trees away from home.
  7. Repair drip or flood irrigation systems.


Rats and their gnawing dilema


Rodents in general need to work down their teeth and this is often done on materials harder than their teeth. Every once in awhile I’ll notice some wiring on pool equipment that looks like it has been chewed on. This last month in Paris, France this habit took on dangerous overtones when a train accident occurred. Rats nibbled on signalling cables and this prevented a light to function correctly. “Rats blamed for rail accident“, luckily no one was killed but 40 people were injured.


Photo by Univar

Photo by Univar

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