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Termites work everyday and they are only interested in finding wood (your home) sometimes they make mistakes and come up in the wrong place. The thing they have – is that they don’t ever give up. A few tips:

  • Don’t plant tress or bushes near the foundation of your home, don’t put mulch up near the foundation and don”t pile stone or rock up to the stucco.
  • The same applies to planters, putting a planter up next to the home will only encourage moist and pests.
  • Reduce water next to the foundation. Check your drip irrigation, if sprinklers are involved direct them away from the home.
  • Watch out for pests like rodents (ground squirrels, rats and pocket gophers) digging near the foundation.
  • If you add a concrete slab to your home – pretreat it.
  • If you must dig around the foundation notify your Pest Control company.
  • Store firewood away from the structure.
  • Inspections are good, very good.


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