How does that insecticide really kill those bugs?


Have you ever thought once you sprayed that bug – How does it die? I’m guessing probably not, it’s not that you don’t care but generally speaking you just want the damn bug dead! Over my 25 years I have learned a great deal about how the bugs die and why. One of the products I absolutely love is called Avert, this is a dry bait used for cockroaches and one of the reasons I love this product is this. Most products cause the cockroach to die on it’s back – Avert makes them stop fast while walking. So immediately you know your product is killing them. I had a chance to read a great article “Insecticide Mode of Action” by Drs. Michael E Scharf and Daniel R. Suiter in Pest Control Technology magazine October 2011.

You may not want to know all about this subject but maybe I can hi-light and simplify it a little (I said maybe).

  • Targets the nervous system = neurotoxin.
  • Insecticides that do not target the nervous system.

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