I definitely didn’t want to know about this!!!!

I definitely didn’t want to know about this!!!!


Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 By Sean Peick Cronkite News “More than 2,200 wildlife strikes reported to FAA since 1990” at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

OK I don’t know why but I do get a little nervous flying, I used to fly quite often and now a few times each year. But usually on takeoffs and landings my palm sweats a bit even though I’m usually in my favorite seat 12D (just for you Ryan) on my favorite airlines Southwest. For the record to my knowledge of over at least 100 flights – no bird strikes on my plane!

But in reality I guess that is not to bad, 110 per year or about one every 4 days but I’m still WOW you know what I mean. A considerable amount of money is spent each year on keeping birds and wildlife away from airfields and everybody will remember that flight in NY and how Captain Sully worked that (Miracle on the Hudson) and those were geese.

So a BIG hats off to the everyday pilots who have to take action on those rare events and Thanks for keeping us safe as we fly home or on business. Thank You Southwest, the pilots, flight attendants and ground crew you make our journey safe – from a loyal flyer and BIG fan of yours.



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