How tight should your home be sealed?


More and more people and designers of homes are asking this question. The house must be able to breath and allow the flow of some air to go both ways. I work with a company right here in town that deals with Environmental issues daily  Phone: (480)460-8334

Clark Seif Clark Inc. (CSC), and they have been helping clients deal with complex environmental issues for over 16 years. It is not an easy job. Part of their responsibility is to help protect the health and safety of building occupants.

GREENPRO a part of QualityPro, encourages  those firms that seek to demonstrate their commitment to the environment may earn this enhanced certification by meeting additional standards related to risk reduction in pest management. As a pest management provider, GreenPro gives you the opportunity to prove your credentials to customers that are looking for a truly integrated pest management approach to reduce and eliminate their problem.

As a member of GREENPRO we also participate with EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), Healthy Housing“,
Green Restaurant Association and USGBC LEED Building Certification.

Home- sealing if done correctly can keep those little bugs and critters out of your home. Even restaurants can be sealed to prevent infestations from becoming an all out issue. Businesses can also receive a better review for using GREEN products and services.


Stay tuned for an article next week from Clark Seif Clark on issues relating to how tight should a home be sealed and other great information. * On a side note he mentioned storing products in a garage and when a a/c units come in, does it suck the fumes into the house through door seals etc.

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