Wood Floor Damage

Wood Floor Damage


Wood floor damage isn’t normal but it does happen. OK so I’ve been around awhile, I have seen lots of termite damage over the years. Remember I came from Florida, now with 30 years of experience and with all the water and a different set of termites, damage is ever present. Not so much here in Arizona, but let’s talk about how they get in?

  • #1 from the outside up the foundation slab.
  • Garages are notorious, I believe the garage is finished last and people walk over the finished termiticide and breaks occur there more often.
  • Any breaks within the concrete – like water pipes, bath-traps, plumbing etc.
  • CRACKS – over time every house moves, even a little bit can crack the concrete. When that concrete moves, it might move the termiticide.

EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM – I don’t care what any termite professional may say, if you don’t stop it there – you haven’t stopped the termites. Some people will use foam, that’s OK to stop any further damage but not good enough to fix the problem.  If the termites are at the ceiling, you must fine them at ground level, not easy buy required. Let me say it again – EVERYTHING STARTS AT THE BOTTOM!

What to expect after treatment?

  • Any damage, may become more obvious. Wood may dry out and become more brittle.
  • I would insist that the Professional remove any tubes or evidence. You might have to repaint or use drywall spakle. The evidence must be removed for a few reasons, no need to fail the next termite inspection and cleaning it up looks better.
  • The holes they drilled should be filled in with cement, we scuff the area with a boot and then use a sanding block. The holes can also be somewhat matched with the surrounding concrete. Not perfectly but as close as you can.
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