Snakes Good or Bad

Snakes Good or Bad


Yes even the old man can wrestle up a snakes good or bad. OK we know its a Gopher snake and it is non-venomous. The point should be made that they are looking for food and if you have mice/rats they will be looking at your place. ProBest has this major account, 400 acres and the reptiles come into the main area in search of food. Often times its Rattlesnakes and nobody wants or needs this.

In general all snakes are good, they reduce the population of vermin. This is great except for those chance encounters in or near your home. King snakes and Gopher snakes are plentiful and will even eat Rattlesnakes.  We often encounter snakes while hiking, our technicians often find them hiding out in rodent bait stations. This gives them a real start for the day, actually anything in the box will scare you.

What do you do?

Since we run across snakes frequently, we do move them for customers. There is a charge for this, especially if it is a rattlesnake. Our liability increases due to the bite factor. Another issue is if you call us, you need to keep an eye out – while we get to your place. If we arrive and the snake slithered away, they is still a fee. Time is money.

The key to living with snakes good or bad, is knowing what kinds of snakes are here in Arizona. See the guide and learn how to identify the good from the bad. As always if you have an issue call us 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 and keep an eye on snake so when we arrive we can catch and release down the road.

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