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Entry Points Rodents

Entry Points Rodents

Entry Points Rodents

Often times we make it easy for entry points rodents access into our homes. Rodents will seek out any opportunity to get into the warmth and rain-free of your home. Why shouldn’t they, they are looking for the same things we are in life.

What should you look for?

  1. Any holes, once a month check your home. Things settle and change.
  2. Feces around pool pumps or a/c.
  3. Nesting.
  4. Bad construction, areas of access for birds and rodents.
  5. Check sheds for opening and space beneath, I see lots of honeybee activity in those places.
  6. Holes in the ground, indicating something present.
  7. Check high and low, don’t let trees touch the home.
  8. No vines or wood in the ground and then on the home.

If you are unsure on activity, call our office to discuss a professional inspection 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

Snakes Good or Bad

Snakes Good or Bad

Snakes Good or Bad


Yes even the old man can wrestle up a snakes good or bad. OK we know its a Gopher snake and it is non-venomous. The point should be made that they are looking for food and if you have mice/rats they will be looking at your place. ProBest has this major account, 400 acres and the reptiles come into the main area in search of food. Often times its Rattlesnakes and nobody wants or needs this.

In general all snakes are good, they reduce the population of vermin. This is great except for those chance encounters in or near your home. King snakes and Gopher snakes are plentiful and will even eat Rattlesnakes.  We often encounter snakes while hiking, our technicians often find them hiding out in rodent bait stations. This gives them a real start for the day, actually anything in the box will scare you.

What do you do?

Since we run across snakes frequently, we do move them for customers. There is a charge for this, especially if it is a rattlesnake. Our liability increases due to the bite factor. Another issue is if you call us, you need to keep an eye out – while we get to your place. If we arrive and the snake slithered away, they is still a fee. Time is money.

The key to living with snakes good or bad, is knowing what kinds of snakes are here in Arizona. See the guide and learn how to identify the good from the bad. As always if you have an issue call us 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 and keep an eye on snake so when we arrive we can catch and release down the road.




Well look who was surprised to see me? Yes Mr. PackRats or is it Roof rat? Boy have we been busy in North Phoenix with rats? I really think its the new Arcadia going on. My house is at 7th and Union Hills area and even I was hit with rodents. This was a mess, they had a outdoor rug with fringe and the rodents took all the fringe for a nest. Its baby time, which in Phoenix is year round.

  1. Check your home monthly for any strangeness going on.
  2. Check up and down.
  3. Open outdoor cabinets and hiding places.
  4. Check screens.
  5. Check door seals.
  6. Homeseal your home.
  7. Don’t let trees or vines touch the house.
  8. Check out buildings, bees and rats enjoy the shade of sheds etc.
  9. Check yards and boulders for holes.
  10. Call ProBest for a PROFESSIONAL inspection, 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

We have all kinds of critters trying to get in your home, from ants to rodents. They will find a way in.




Liberty Wildlife We recently moved into a newly built facility and had a few problems with rodents. Due to the nature of our business wildlife care we constantly strive to hatch, protect and raise wildlife. Rather than use bait we use the rodent station with snap traps to stop rodents from entering our buildings and cages and to protect all of our resident’s birds/animals/wildlife. We recently encountered a breech in our building and have sealed it, we then decided to address the numerous holes from rodents on our property. ProBest Pest Management brought to our attention the BurrowRX system and I must say it exceeded our expectations. No residual and no mess, the carbon monoxide kills the rodents and they stay put under the ground. No effect on our animals, wildlife or birds. We absolutely hate having to eliminate the rodents, but this system is humane and free from harmful chemicals or rodenticide secondary poisoning. ProBest Pest Management has always been on the cutting edge of the newest methods in pest/rodent eradication and have done most of the work pro bono over the years because of our status as a non-profit. ProBest has brought us birds that have been hit and helped to move a nesting Barn Owl with eggs. We highly recommend their service, they are top notch and are true Pest Management Professionals and they are QualityPro certified with 2 Associate Certified Entomologist on staff. 2 Talons up for their excellent service since 2011, my Staff and I use them and highly recommend their service. Terry Stevens Director Liberty Wildlife

The BurrowRx system is a unique system for eradicating varmints and rodents. Just insert the tube device into their holes and the carbon monoxide will kill them humanely.

Rodents on the upswing in Arizona

Rodents on the increase

The last couple years the mice and rats have gone crazy, don’t know if it’s all the rain or great weather here in Arizona. Years ago 2002? Ahwatukee just south of Phoenix had a issue with roof rats and guess what they are back this time in Phoenix. I have suggested for years to do a monthly inspection of your home. Look for holes and think like a pest. If that hole is about the size of a dime, a mouse can get into your home. Believe me if they can possible squeeze in they will. Mice and rodents inside your house is not a good thing. Call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 if you see anything suspicious.

Also be careful about wiring for your home, landscape, pool and your vehicle.


rodents ducks


Amazing rodent and what you need to know?

The amazing rodent

In a 24 hour day a mouse can urinate 3000 micron drops, literally running and urinating as they go.

Do you know that rats are neophobic – that is the fear of new objects.

After giving birth mice and rats can be in heat and become pregnant again in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Just a few things to think about! So you have a mouse or rodent in your home or business, and here is one reason to call a  Pest Management Professional.

“Buying the same hammer that a carpenter buys doesn’t make you a carpenter”.

amazing NPMA photo

amazing NPMA photo

Insects and other vermin consume food on the street

It turns out that millions of tiny bugs are consuming the equivalent of 60,000 hot dogs per year over a 150-block strip in Manhattan.

Just when you thought it was safe to go out into the streets of New York City – this amazing factoid “The bugs on a single NYC median can eat 14 pounds of food per year” Actually it is a good thing, if they didn’t eat all this stuff it might bring out more and possibly dangerous things like rodents.

My thoughts are just one rodent in the house is one to many. Wherever you live  there is probably a  Pest Management Professional


Rats and their gnawing dilema


Rodents in general need to work down their teeth and this is often done on materials harder than their teeth. Every once in awhile I’ll notice some wiring on pool equipment that looks like it has been chewed on. This last month in Paris, France this habit took on dangerous overtones when a train accident occurred. Rats nibbled on signalling cables and this prevented a light to function correctly. “Rats blamed for rail accident“, luckily no one was killed but 40 people were injured.


Photo by Univar

Photo by Univar

Rodents – why are they scary?


Did you know Rodents encompass 43% of all mammals on earth, the mouse is #2 and Norway rat is #3.

There are about 4260 species of mammals known on this planet at the moment, though taxonomists are still arguing and species are still being found.

Diseases directly transmitted by rodents (thanks to the CDC)

Bubonic Plague right on our doorstep in New Mexico


New Mexico reports second human case of Plague of 2013 in Torrence County Girl” Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. It is found in animals throughout the world, most commonly rats but other rodents like ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, rabbits and voles. Fleas typically serve as the vector of plague. Human cases have been linked to the domestic cats and dogs that brought infected fleas into the house.

Squirrel with bubonic plague closes campgrounds in Angeles National Forest – July 2013

So did you think that Bubonic Plague was a long forgotten disease, or how about Hanta Virus, Lyme disease  or Rabies? Every once in awhile these little diseases pop up around the U.S. and we all need to remind ourselves of their potential to kill.

probestDSC03962  Rub marks where rats are getting into the structure.

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