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It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? Watch Tower

Watch Tower, Grand Canyon



This picture, was taken by me in the winter of 2008 (by the way I love the picture, probably my favorite of the Grand Canyon) and is taken out of the window facing west from the building known as the Watch Tower also known as the Indian Watchtower, it is a 70-foot high stone building located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon within Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States.

During the winter months ravens are plentiful and ocassionally you may see deer, no bugs but maybe a few in the summer months.


It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? Wupatki National Monument

It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona?

Wupatki National Monument

Walupi Ruin 02 Page 00

The large pueblos preserved at Wupatki National Monument were constructed in the years following the eruption of nearby Sunset Crater, sometime between 1040 and 1100. Volcanic ash, deposited in thin layers, retained moisture and improved farming for an increased population at Wupatki.

One of the things I enjoy the most is investigating the types of wildlife or insects that in habitat areas like this. This area in years past had a very large harvester ant nest and I always brought along some sunflower seeds to spinkle around and watch them carry them back to their nest. Lizards and other wildlife are always visible, lounging around and gathering up the rays of sunshine.



Pest Control by ProBest Pest Management

Pest Control by ProBest Pest Management



Bugs tremble at the sound of my name “Dr. Bug”  ProBest Pest Management


I’m not kidding, I live in Phoenix and have only seen four bugs in my house in the last 10 years.  Two American Cockroaches, one in master bathroom shower and one downstairs. One beetle (no idea what kind)  but it was trying to hide in an electrical outlet cover and some black ants. Not bad but just the mere presence scares these bugs enough, that they know not to mess with the “James Bond” of pest control. A customer just last week called to complain of bugs and by the time I walked in they were all dead. Hahaha – maybe it’s my new thing, no pest control just (IPM)  Integrated Pest Management without any pesticides. Just me wishing the bugs DEAD.

Just another reason to call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328, I know what you are thinking why call when I should call you – I’m not Physic…. Just really good at my job!

Cartoon about Dr. Bug @ ProBest Pest Management

Cartoon about Dr. Bug @ ProBest Pest Management




By Jerry King @

Aside from greeting cards and magazines, Jerry is the author and illustrator of seven nationally published cartoon books. He has also illustrated ten children’s books, and has provided illustrations for numerous children’s publications. One of Jerry’s cartoon characters has been made into a stuffed animal.

After serving three years in the army as a medic, Jerry, 42, went on to graduate from The Ohio State University with a BA in English. He now resides in NE. Ohio with his wife Anne and daughters Giana and Sienna, and 2 dogs, Baci and Bella. When he’s not at the drawing board, Jerry is probably on a golf course losing.


I think I need this – it’s like a Bat signal.

I think I need this – it’s like a Bat signal.


The Bat-Signal is a distress signal device appearing in the various interpretations of the Batman series. Just like Batman has his Bat signal, I think I should have a Bug signal. This could or would alert me to respond maybe when my phone rings.

This last week the Batmobile sold for $4.6 million to somebody who lives right here in the Valley, by the way if the owner reads this we (ProBest) would be happy to assist in pest control for your residence. Got to keep that great machine free of anything nasty.

I do know one thing for sure, I couldn’t afford the car but maybe I could afford the light ($9.95) but out of stock I noticed. So until I get a Bug – Signal you still have to call us. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176


I love to do presentations – Lunch and Learn programs.

I love to do presentations – Lunch and Learn programs.



One of my favorite things to do is to speak and give presentations to all sorts of groups. One thing I sure don’t have is a phobia about public speaking. Sometimes instead of talking about a certain subject I enjoy people asking questions, they ask and hopefully I can answer the question or find out more.

There was one question I couldn’t answer * Let’s say ProBest handles are bees in a home and about 3 months later we have evidence of honey and wax dripping inside the house – Is this covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

I called my State Farm Agent’s office and posed that question and here was the answer “Generally speaking they don’t cover insects or their damage and it is similar to a termite issue which isn’t covered until a HomeOwner Policy”.

One last note – It’s not always about whether the person can answer the question but rather that they know who to call if they can’t answer it!

Pest Control – bed bugs, scorpions,black widow spiders, rattlesnakes – we have it all

Pest Control –  bed bugs, scorpions,black widow spiders, rattlesnakes – we have it all!


I know I have probably said this before but I love my job, every day is new and exciting and you never know from one day to the next what you will be doing. A typical day in the life of Dr. Bug may consist of inspections for bedbugs, termites and wildlife issues.

  • Today for example I started out investigating the root cause of where the termites were entering the building, this is a unique example of building construction allowing gaps and possible entry points for termites into that structure. This coming week I’ll have a chance to look at the problem via the roof and use a brand-new termiticide called Termidor dry. Typically when treating for subterranean termites it is essential to get the material into the ground where they live, this product allows for the introduction of a dry formula into tubes and galleries with the potential for distribution into the colony.
  • I have been working with Channel 3 for a bedbug story and we finally have located a family deserving of some special care, stay tuned for an update from both Channel 3 and progress on some bedbug work.
  • The next stop was another bedbug dilemma, I really feel bad because in most cases the family or person who has the bedbugs wasn’t the one who brought them into their home. The problem with bedbug work is that it is time-consuming and labor extensive.
  • I may get two e-mails from people supplying me with pictures of various bugs, or I may get several calls asking for my opinion about various pest situations. it may be spiders on a tower, or what type of spider is in my home. It’s all in the day of the Dr. Bug.

Now my everyday may not be as exciting as “Billy the Exterminator” or that guy from “Call of the wild” but I’m dealing with everyday people with everyday lives with everyday problems and trying to solve them one day at a time in an efficient manner to the benefit of that customer. So all I can tell you is stay tuned because everyday isn’t boring in the life of the bug guy.


Dr. Bug plays — Name and Identify that Bug!

Dr. Bug here, do you have a bug you need to identify or just want them gone.  Well we know by looking at this thing that it is a spider, but what kind? My best guess is that is a House Spider of some kind.               Do you have any clue what type spider it might be? My goal is that you send me your photo’s and or bugs and we will post a picture to share with our readers. You never know maybe you can stump Dr. Bug at his own game.

Send your pictures to (just put in subject line – Identify this Bug) or you can send them to 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233 (just try not to smoosh them to much).

Dr. Bug says “Meet my Friends”. Realtor Sandi Nilson

Dr. Bug says “Meet my Friends”. Realtor Sandi Nilson


  1. What is your name and business?   Sandi Nilson, Associate Broker with Realty Executives.
  2. Describe something unusual about your business and why a customer might choose you over your competition? 32 years of full time real estate experience.  Almost 100% of my business comes from referrals from previous satisfied clients – and most real estate agents don’t come CLOSE to that number of referrals.    I also worked to attain the GRI and CRS designations which signify extensive experience and training; and I also have  accounting and business law education in my background.
  3. Can you describe a funny story or opportunity that happened while doing your work? There was the time I got a street name mixed up and showed the wrong house on the wrong street.   The listing was brand new, so it was typical that no sign had been installed yet; the owner of the correct house had said “there isn’t a lockbox yet but the back door is open, so go through the gate and go in the back door.”    The back yard had a somewhat familiar, but not so pleasant, smell.  Once inside,  I wondered why the listing said the pet was called “Dog”….. but the pet in THIS home  was a pot belly pig!  After leaving, I realized I had shown “Aspen” and the correct street was “Ash”.   When I went to the home to apologize, the owner thought it was hysterical (I was lucky).  I eventually was called to list a neighbor’s home (and eventually several in the neighborhood) after meeting that first homeowner – she passed the story on to her neighbors!   As a farm girl from North Dakota, I had smelled hog manure a few times before that day but never before or since in Arizona!
  4. How did you come across our little group of ANTS “A Network of Top Strategist“? I was introduced to the group by Lin Bourgeois, who I have known for many years, and also Mary Contreras.
  5. What one thing would you do to improve the economy of Arizona? BUY AMERICAN – the whole US economy would benefit!   And BUY LOCAL whenever possible.
  6. Anything else you would like to share with my readers of my home seal?  I want homeowners to remember that when it comes to selling real estate, there is no substitute for KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, and INTEGRITY.

Sandi Nilson can be reached at office 480-839-2600 – cell 602-579-8899 or by email at and her website is and she also home seals frequently at

Professional Speaker – Pest Control Expert

Professional Speaker – Pest Expert

Does your organization need a Professional Expert to talk before your group, our resident expert Dr. Bug aka Keith V. Birkemeyer is an expert on bugs and critters of all kinds! ProBest can tailor a pest program or service on whatever your group may desire.

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