I love to do presentations – Lunch and Learn programs.

I love to do presentations – Lunch and Learn programs.



One of my favorite things to do is to speak and give presentations to all sorts of groups. One thing I sure don’t have is a phobia about public speaking. Sometimes instead of talking about a certain subject I enjoy people asking questions, they ask and hopefully I can answer the question or find out more.

There was one question I couldn’t answer * Let’s say ProBest handles are bees in a home and about 3 months later we have evidence of honey and wax dripping inside the house – Is this covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

I called my State Farm Agent’s office and posed that question and here was the answer “Generally speaking they don’t cover insects or their damage and it is similar to a termite issue which isn’t covered until a HomeOwner Policy”.

One last note – It’s not always about whether the person can answer the question but rather that they know who to call if they can’t answer it!

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