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I really like this idea, send in the cockroaches.

Backpack-toting can explore disaster areas

No more reason to send in humans or dogs, this idea is fine by me.

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

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Fundraising (A little help from ProBest Pest Management)

20150114_132257_resizedSons of the American Legion Squadron 107 is selling these wristbands to support our Post, Child Welfare and other worthwhile causes.

$5 each

Stop by

ProBest Pest Management / US Contract Post office

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( I can send some if you want, just be sure you tell me how many and maybe we can work on shipping costs)

Stinger at

A little mistake leads to a new discovery of an Assassin Bug

Scientists discover new assassin bug by accident


I recently found a Wheel Bug in Albuquerque and will be fitting in a picture soon I hope. It has the characteristic wheel just behind its head. I was recently on a call (the first week of January) and the Box Elders bugs were everywhere.

Another weird little animal from Texas

Carnivorous mice that howl likes wolves

The northern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys leucogaster) is rather squat and blocky, has a white tummy and a white tip to its short tail. They’re not fast runners but are very agile – able to twist and turn to subdue prey in their longer-and-stronger-than-average jaws.

Isn’t it great to hear and read about cool stuff like this, thank goodness they aren’t real big. But anyway that’s why I’m here, to pass along stories like these.

Does it get cold enough to kill pest/bugs?

Over the last few years it certainly hasn’t been cold enough in Arizona to freeze out the bugs. Some insects actually have a type of antifreeze or so called blood within their bodies. They crawl into a nook or hiding spot and if it is cold they just don’t come out. If it warms out they will come out and possible go in search of food.

  • If it rains and they get flooded they search for drier land, that might be your house.
  • If it is really hot, they might be more active and search for food.
  • If its cold for only a few days, that might not be enough to kill them, Especially scorpions or the hardier of the insects.

Filling in those cracks or holes around your home will help to keep them out and also keep the cool or warm in. Caulking is an excellent tool in keeping those bugs out – buy and use the clear caulk. It really works well.

Photo by NPMA

Photo by NPMA


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