Exciting News – A new species of spider found in Australia…

I know what you are thinking, exciting news for who? I love it when they find something new that nobody ever noticed before. Our spider makes top 10 weirdest list from http://www.inmycommunity.com.au by Joel Kelly Avon Valley Gazette.

10 weirdest forms of life 2011 National Geographic

1. Cyclops shark
2. Furcifer timoni chameleon
3. ‘Albino’ spider
4. Beelzebub bat
5. Ophiocordycepscamponoti-balzani fungus
6. ‘Pancake’ sea slug
7. ‘Flying’ tree frog
8. ‘Devil’ worm
9. ‘Big-lipped’ seaworm

10. ‘Pink meanie’ jellyfish


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  1. Rod

    How did the Platypus not make this list? a Mammal that is venomous. lays eggs and has a birds bill! oh and uses sonar like a bat. freaky!

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