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Badgers are short-legged omnivores and they are related to ferrets, minks, otters, weasels and wolverines. They prefer dry, open grasslands, though they are very adaptable. Some live in quarries, hedgerows, woods, and desert areas. American badgers are found in the Great Plains region of North America. They can also be found in the western United States, central western Canadian provinces and in the mountainous areas of Mexico.

Did you know that we had them in Arizona, I didn’t? It was a surprise when I got the call and more of a surprise when I saw it. Animals take advantage of our living conditions to set up their homes. Be very careful as they tend to be aggressive and vicious.

Arizona Western Green Toad

Arizona Western Green Toad

Arizona Toad

This toad, is brightly colored from a light green with black or yellow spotting. The bottom is often a cream color and males have a dark vocal sac. They do have warts which gives them toad like appearance.

The Western Green Toad is often located in arid to semi-arid areas that include the central areas of Texas and Oklahoma down to Mexico, Southeastern Colorado and Southeastern Arizona to Eastern Texas. They become active after rains, which we have had tons of recently and will come out of hiding during the night to feed. They feed on numerous insects, the pest control of nature. They will hide in out of way places, which are damp and dark.




These lizards are can often be found at South Mountain doing pushups on the boulders and the lizard in the picture is a Chuckwalla. They range in size up to 16 inches, and they live in the Southwest here is Arizona from California all the way to Southern Utah and Nevada. We do have a lot of lizards here in Arizona, but nothing as big as those Florida Iguanas.  Those were in the news recently when it got really cold and they were dropping from the trees. A friend has one in Payson, she named Stan, it hangs out daily and soaks in the sun.

In regards to pest control, we don’t treat and shouldn’t treat for them as they do more good than harm. They eat plants like annuals and perennials and will feed on insects. Occasionally they find their way inside, usually by mistake. Just let them out to continue to do what they do.

Confused Bat

Confused Bat

Confused Bat


Bats are generally seen at dusk or at night, this little one is a confused bat. Probably just got lost or confused on the way back home. Notice it is in the shade and not exposed to the sun. Even this time of year it is out outside. A word of caution never mess with a bat, period. They can carry rabies and you don’t need the aggravation of the shots and possibly death. So train the youngsters not to mess with anything they don’t know.

Did you know?

There are over 1100 bat species.

A single bat can eat more than 600 bugs per hour, I can’t eliminate that many.

Bats are the only mammals that can actually fly.

There is a bat which weighs less than 2 pennies and can eat 3000 bugs a night.

Most bats sleep, rest, mate and give birth upside down.

All bats fly but not all birds.


ProBest can exclude bats and give opinions on keeping them out, call us today 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176




Sometimes squirrels, wildlife, animals and critters can just be to much. They can encroach on your home because of construction in the area or because they were chased out of somewhere else. Sometimes it really isn’t their fault, they just don’t have other options.

In this case a squirrel has decided to borrow under a shed and then continue under some synthetic grass. The problem is that creates unsightly holes and burrow runs. It can also creates holes not easily seen and children and older folks might fall and break something. The unfortunate problem is that the squirrel has to go, normally this isn’t an issue. But in case the homeowner tried many techniques and now the critter is gun shy. Traps, bait etc won’t work, they just will not fall for the simple stuff any longer. Rodents especially rats are neophobic, they don’t care for change and will avoid new things.  Mice on the other side are curious and will investigate new things in their environment.

Rodents and snakes

Remember also that rodents including squirrels are the prey of snakes, so the more rodents, ground squirrels may mean more snakes. Squirrels are warm blooded and they carry ticks and other parasites, and don’t hand feed them. I’ve seen many a place that had them removed because someone was careless. Remember the word, WILDLIFE! I’m still amazed when I see a story from Yellowstone about somebody getting close to a Bison.  Montezuma’s Castle off I-17 had squirrels until someone fed them peanuts and the squirrel got a little to close. A finger got in the way and now all the squirrels have been moved. Unfortunate for all of us.

Snakes and Wildlife

Bat Rescue

Bat Rescue at a DayCare, this Big Brown bat couldn’t make it home. She decided to take a rest in a corner of the playground and we couldn’t let her stay there. The children are the most important factor in this relationship. We sent out a technician and he captured her in a webber broom and transferred to a bucket. We then took her to Liberty Wildlife (our partner in the rehab business). This gave her a quick physical and will hold her overnight and then take her back to her home territory.

We extended Professional Courtesy on this Bat Rescue to her since she’s in the same business, killing mosquitoes and bugs. Did you know that a single bat can eat 1,200 mosquitoes each hour and maybe up to 8,000 each night. Bats can live up to 40 years. Bat droppings in caves can support whole ecosystems, including bacteria useful in breaking down wastes. Here in the desert many species of cactus including the Arizona Saguaro and Organ Pipe cactus rely on bats to pollinate.

Some useful tips:

  1. Never pick up a bat, it could be sick and bite.
  2. Call a Professional like this DayCare, I then explained to the kids the process and they were excited to learn about bats.
  3.  If you decide to use a plastic figure owl, it need to be moved frequently. Pigeons and bats become familiar with them not moving.
  4. Shining light on an area 24/7 can be useful
  5.  Again as I have mentioned previously, do a monthly inspection of your house and at night with a flashlight. Look up and chek all areas.
Rats & Cats

Rats & Cats

Rats & Cats, doesn’t seem right does it?

From everything I have read cats are supposed to hunt mice and rodents, maybe they didn’t read the same book I did. This is the absolute reason why pest control by a Professional is important. I’ve posted before that if you have rodents in your neighborhood, they will not go away on their own. Someone in your community probably doesn’t pick up their fruit or leaves the dog food out. So take a proactive stance and check your property and if you see something suspicious inform your neighbors. Don’t accuse just point out you saw something and maybe they will become proactive as well.

My House:

My house and subdivision have been around for over 30 years, but the pest situation is in check. A year or so ago I noticed some rodent activity plus my neighbor said her cat returned with a dead rat. I installed a few rodent stations and the problem is taken care of. I’ve have not noticed any activity in the last few months but the stations remain to take care of any new rats moving into the community.

Outdoor cats and dogs:

I will also comment to say that outdoor cats wreak havoc on the environment, often killing native birds and critters. Feral cats also cause  issues, like meowing at night, creating cat litter boxes everywhere to general public. They are also carriers of parasites and just like feral dogs can attack and cause harm. Keeping pets should be an indoor situation and better for them and the public. Rats & Cats, shouldn’t be spending quality time together. Feeding the neighborhood cats and/or dogs just brings continued issues to your surrounding neighborhood. Just my opinion on nature and how I think it works. Cats should be spayed/or neutered and the population reduced and this works better than just removing the excess cats. This opens up outside cats from other territories, from moving in.

Snakes & Rodents

Well it’s that time of the year for snakes to become a tad more adventuresome . They are looking for food and may be drawn into your property following their food. They like ground squirrels, rodents and smaller game. So, much like scorpions and their food, it is important to keep an eye out for rodent activity leading to snake activity.

Remember snakes are venomous versus poisonous, they bite and that is the difference. Anything that bites, injects is venomous while things like Poison Ivy is poisonous – if you eat it etc.

Snakes provide a real service by keeping the population of rodents in check. Many people would argue but even rattlesnakes have their place – as long as its not near or in your home. ProBest does have a service to remove those snakes from your property. The only thing I ask, please keep an eye out until we arrive so it doesn’t take us an hour to find it. Please call ProBest Pest Management today for any information 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

Attic entry points

Attic entry points

Attic entry points, attics can and do cause a lot of issues. We often forget that our attics exist. Especially at Christmas time when we bring down boxes etc. and find that mice or pest have invaded. Reminder – always open boxes in garage, that way when something pops out it won’t be in the house.

Most people are aware if there home has holes leading into the attic area, but what about hidden ones? The people that build you home cut out the hole that the appliance must fit through. But they make that hole bigger and that is where the issue stems from. Scorpions can fall through those holes, as well as other bugs. I’m sure you have noticed a scorpion in the tub, they can’t crawl up the sides and probably fell in from the ceiling.

BurrowRX underground rodents

BurrowRx underground rodents

BurrowRx underground rodents. Do you have underground rodents (rats and mice), ground squirrels, pocket gophers, gophers, moles or pack rats? We have the solution to their constant burrowing, damaging of plants and holes which people and kids can fall into. Another issue that can occur is that these rodents are prey to rattlesnakes and other more harmful creatures. If they are present it may encourage snakes to wonder into and on your property.

The BurrowRx Rodent Control Device

The BurrowRx Rodent Control Device is classified as a pesticidal device. Secondary kills of nontarget species is not likely when used as directed. When the Carbon Monoxide dissipates there’s no longer a risk to anything entering the burrow system. It uses a smoke tracer to let you know where the carbon monoxide is going. It’s your prescription for any burrowing rodent problem. Carbon Monoxide can be used as an effective approach to control of burrowing rodents. As the Carbon Monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it in. The Carbon Monoxide then replaces the oxygen in their blood. And without oxygen, cells in the body die and organs stop working.

Customers with pets love the BurrowRx underground rodents because there is no worry about primary poisoning by digging up poisonous bait, or secondary poisoning from gophers that have previously taken poisoned bait. Data efficacy is very effective at 95% at controlling borrowing ground squirrels.

  • Direct targeting of rodents within the burrow system.
  • No reliance on bait acceptance that sometimes hinders rodenticide and trapping efforts.
  • Our solution eliminates the worry about secondary or unintended kills.
  • It seldom requires handling of animals after treatment, which reduces the risk of disease and parasite transmittance to humans.
  • Allows you the customer to see that the technician and product is working.
  • Our commercial business approach is professional and builds customers’ confidence.
  • It can be highly efficacious.



BurrowRX Underground rodents

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