Flying insects abound with rain and great weather…

Flying insects abound with rain and great weather…


           Thanks to Scorpion Techs for the pictures.


So yesterday we had a rash of calls concerning little tiny crawling and flying bugs. These above came from Scorpion Techs and they were curious what they were, after a little book research I think we have Chinch bugs. The other ones earlier in the day almost look like a Pirate Bug which sucks  juice from plants such as Aphids do. Nothing a little general pest service can’t take care of. Since they are extremely tiny they can get into your homes by way of windows and doors and the really annoying thing is that they might get into your nose or mouth, yuuuuuck…

With the rains and great weather comes the bugs, so keep your mouth shut (so they don’t fly in) and call your friendly Pest Management Professional (which I hope is ProBest Pest Management).


  1. Yuck! I don’t want to have to deal with any pest that could possibly crawl into my nose or mouth!

  2. You should be very careful with these, at this time of year especially
    I have heard some horrific stories of bites from bugs that flew in from africa and south america

    It is the change of weather for sure that will attract them

    Great to hear you got a decent pest exterminator, take no chances with these

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