You can trust and rely upon ProBest to solve pest problems, because we have been a local Arizona company since 1981.

Bugs are a reality of life and when they show up in your home, they can make life for you and your family uncomfortable. Even potentially hazardous. ProBest specializes in diagnosing and treating your home. All of our services are customized for your comfort and protection. Are you buying or selling your home? Call ProBest for a Wood Infestation Report.
We are a QualityPro company and have been since 2005.

The Bio of Dr. Bug, Owner of ProBest Pest Management

If you have a bug problem and you are looking for someone who can solve it, please read on…

Keith Birkemeyer aka Dr. Bug has been in the business of pest management for over 20 years. His interest in bugs began at an early age when he delighted(?) his parents with an infestation of Praying Mantis. He had brought some egg cases in from the cold one winter in Ohio. When they hatched there were baby Praying Mantis everywhere. Keith grew up in Scouting and is an Eagle Scout.

His formal training began in Florida. A state well known for a hearty bug population, especially termites. He continued his career with a chemical manufacturing company as a Technical Specialist.

Keith has traveled the world speaking to various groups about bugs, termites and pest control. He is an Associate Certified Entomologist. Keith enjoys sharing his Arizona pest control stories and facts. He is the owner of ProBest. ProBest has been named a Quality Pro company. And is awarded the “Mark of Excellence in Pest Management” by the National Pest Management Association. Keith may be a grown kid at heart and his company allows him to pursue his passion.

No one knows bugs as Keith does. That is the number one reason to call ProBest Pest Management for all your insect prevention needs.

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