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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

ProBest Pest Management services revolve around the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. IPM is a decision-making process that focuses on long term prevention of pest activity and their damage. It is a combination of several strategies to reduce the presence of pests. Our baiting, spray treatments, and non-chemical methods are guaranteed to eliminate Phoenix area pests, year-round. And you can trust the work done by our team at ProBest. We provide a complete guarantee for all of the work we perform.


Pest Control Services

Our service includes a complete inspection of your home. We look for signs of insects, arachnids, rodents, and other pests. We will treat any pest or rodent problem and provide a record of the work performed.

Bed Bug Services

Dr. Bug, our expert entomologist, knows a thing or two about bed bugs. They are sneaky and troublesome household pests that pose a potential health risk to you and your family. Thankfully, our experience can help you rest at night. After any inspection, we continue to monitor the situation; addressing any continual need.

Termite Services

Our termite service will pinpoint the infestation, exterminate the termites, and provide a protective barrier around the home to prevent future threat from these wood-destroying pests.

Rodent Control Services

Rodents can wreak havoc on a house; from digging holes around the foundation, to destroying your landscape. Our rodent control services provide a safe and easy rodent removal of the following: rats, gophers, mice, squirrels, and many others.

B2B Pest Management

B2B Pest Management services are a key part of our business. We are QualityPro certified experts, with warehouse sanitation and foodservice safety certifications. Our flexible schedule and complete inspection reports will help you monitor and maintain your facility; both discreetly and effectively. No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a customized pest management solution for you.

Weed Prevention Services

Although we specialize in pest control and rodent removal services, we also like to offer our clients weed prevention services. Your yard serves as a breeding ground for many small critters. Minimizing the ability for them to thrive, by killing and preventing weeds to grow in your yard, will reduce the impact these critters have on your home. Give us a call to learn more about the extent of our weed prevention services.

Dryer Vent Pest Inspection

Whether you hear something or not, you should check your ductwork from time to time, as a fire prevention practive. Your dryer vent can be home to pests and rodents, alike. As a proactive measure, or for a basic inspection, give us a call to learn more about our prevention services.

Scorpion & Spider Control

Scorpions are a family of arachnid. And, like spiders, they are a difficult pest to control. We use a multi-step treatment approach, designed to treat areas that arachnids (including scorpions) like to nest and breed.

Home Seal Pest Protection

Protect your home from invasion. Keep out scorpions, bees, snakes, spiders and other dangerous pests with our home seal pest protection service.

Bird Control Services

Discovering bird poop around your entryway is not esthetically pleasing or welcoming to your guests. ProBest provides a safe and effective method to prevent any type of bird from being a hassle around your home. Click to learn more about our bird control services.

Snake & Wildlife Control

ProBest will jump into any project with both wildlife and you in mind. If at all possible we will remove and release wildlife in a safe place. We then take measures to prevent it from happening again. ProBest has a wildlife service permit from the Arizona Fish & Game Commission.

Residential Pest Control Services:

QualityPro Pest Management CertifiedBugs are a reality of life and when they show up in your home, they can make life for you and your family uncomfortable. Even potentially hazardous. ProBest specializes in diagnosing and treating your home. All of our services are customized for your comfort and protection. Are you buying or selling your home? Call ProBest for a wood infestation report.

You can trust and rely upon ProBest to solve pest problems, as we have been a QualityPro certified company since 2005, and a local Arizona company since 1981.

QualityPro Public Health Certified Pest ManagementQualityPro Schools Certified Pest ManagementQualityPro GreenPro Certified Pest Control

  • ProBest starts with an inspection of common entry points into your home.  As well as common locations where pests can be found including kitchen, attics, and bathrooms. If you’re home we may ask if you’ve seen anything.
  • A complete inspection of the outside of your home for signs of pests.
  • Treatment of any problems or signs of trouble and a record of the work performed.
  • Spray or removal of cobwebs from areas to kill or discourage spider activity.
  • Application of a complete customized treatment to the outside of your home. This may include granules and baits for pests.
  • We leave a service slip report of services completed and any chemicals used after each visit.

Got Termites?

ProBest Pest Management is the leader in termite treatment & real estate termite inspections. We are here to provide you a thorough WDIIR report, delivered via fax, mail, or digitally through e-mail. And, if needed, we will exterminate the problem, making for a smooth purchase or sale of your home.

When inquiring about our termite control services, ask about our serviceswhich is provided if you choose to proceed with any of our termite treatments.

We use Termidor for Phoenix termite treatments.

Meet Dr. Bug - Pest Control Specialist

Keith Birkemeyer Avatar

The Bio of Dr. Bug, Owner of ProBest Pest Management AZDA OPM #8411

If you have a bug problem and you are looking for someone who can solve it, please read on…

Keith Birkemeyer, aka Dr. Bug, has been in the business of pest management for over 20 years. His interest in bugs began at an early age when he delighted(?) his parents with an infestation of praying mantis. Unannounced to him (or possibly not), Keith brought some egg containers in from the cold one winter in Ohio, which happened to house baby praying mantis. One morning, the family was awakened by an odd an eerie welcome; to praying mantis everywhere! Not all were thrilled.

Because of his interest in bugs, as a young child, Keith’s parents decided to enroll him as a member of Boy Scouts of America, where he’d eventually earn his Eagle Scout honors.

His formal training began in Florida; a state well known for a hearty bug population. He continued his career with a chemical manufacturing company as a Technical Specialist, where he learned about the health risks of such chemicals.

Keith has traveled the world speaking to various groups about bugs, termites, and pest control. He is an Associate Certified Entomologist. Keith enjoys sharing his Arizona pest control stories and facts. He is the owner of ProBest. ProBest has been named a Quality Pro company. And is awarded the “Mark of Excellence in Pest Management” by the National Pest Management Association. Keith may be a grown kid at heart and his company allows him to pursue his passion.

No one knows bugs like Keith does. That is the number one reason to call ProBest Pest Management for all your insect prevention needs.

Our employees are licensed, insured, and have a crime-free background check with Crimshield. With years of experience, we know how to eliminate all types of insects and pests from your home and business. We go far beyond the state-required training, by continuing to educate our team on pest management best practices and health safety requirements. This makes us among the most qualified professionals available for Phoenix termite and home pest control.

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