Pest Control

Our Service includes a complete inspection of your home.  We look for signs of insects and identify pests.  We will treat any problems and provide a record of the work performed.

Commercial Services

B2B services is a key part of our service catalog.  We are experts with warehouse sanitation and food service safety.  We provide complete reports to help monitor and maintain your facility. We are flexible to schedule when you need us at your office. We know how to solve fly control and rodent problems discreetly at your workplace.  No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a solution for you.

Home Seal

Protect your home from invasion. Keep out scorpions, bees, snakes, spiders and other dangerous pests with a ProBest Home Seal.

Bed Bug Treatment

We offer steam and heat bedbug treatments. As well as pesticide treatments to kill bed bugs in your home.  We sell box spring and mattress covers, climb up bedbug devices. We install bedbug monitoring products designed to help you with bedbug problems.

Termite Control

ProBest is a leader in termite treatments. Our treatments come with a warranty. We offer peace of mind free termite inspections and real estate termite reports.

Bird & Wildlife Control

ProBest will jump into any project with both the wildlife and you in mind. If at all possible we will remove the wildlife and release in a safe place.  We then exclude the animal from ever getting in to your home again.  ProBest has a wildlife service permit from the Arizona Fish & Game Commission. We receive calls for all sizes of animals and birds.

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You can trust and rely upon ProBest to solve pest problems, because we have been a local Arizona company for over 34 years.

QualityProapprovedBugs are a reality of life and when they show up in your home, they can make life for you and your family uncomfortable. Even potentially hazardous.  ProBest specializes in diagnosing and treating your home.  All of our services are customized for your comfort and protection. Are you buying or selling your home? Call ProBest for a Wood Infestation Report.

We are a QualityPro company and have been since 2005.

Keith Birkemeyer Avatar

The Bio of Dr. Bug, Owner of ProBest Pest Management

If you have a bug problem and you are looking for someone who can solve it, please read on…

Keith Birkemeyer aka Dr. Bug has been in the business of pest management for over 20 years. His interest in bugs began at an early age when he delighted(?) his parents with an infestation of Praying Mantis.  He had brought some egg cases in from the cold one winter in Ohio.  When they hatched there were baby Praying Mantis everywhere.  Keith grew up in Scouting and is an Eagle Scout.

His formal training began in Florida. A state well known for a hearty bug population, especially termites.   He continued his career with a chemical manufacturing company as a Technical Specialist.

Keith has traveled the world speaking to various groups about bugs, termites and pest control.  He is an Associate Certified Entomologist.  Keith enjoys sharing his Arizona pest control stories and facts.  He is the owner of ProBest.  ProBest has been named a Quality Pro company.  And is awarded the “Mark of Excellence in Pest Management” by the National Pest Management Association.  Keith may be a grown kid at heart and his company allows him to pursue his passion.

No one knows bugs like Keith does.  That is the number one reason to call ProBest Pest Management for all your insect prevention needs.

  • ProBest has done a terrific job at our house, both inside and out. They confirm appointments in advance and show up on time. Service is excellent. Technicians are very good at servicing inside while my disabled wife is in bed. No problems with the four furry critters either. Keith and Robert are both particularly knowledgeable and very willing to share their experience with us. He became a friend early on and continues to be so. His store is well stocked for the DIY person and a great source of pest control supplies and information. Thanks!

    geolinda1958 (from

  • I have been going to ProBest for their convenient and easy Post Office Services. One day I dropped my wallet with everything in it outside these offices. One of the employees found it and gave it to someone to contact me. I was so thankful that they took the time to do that. It is nice to know there are people with high integrity in the world! Thanks ProBest!

    Karen D. (Better Business Review)

  • Can’t say enough good things about this company. Great service and knowledgeable technicians. Also they do not require a contract. Highly recommend for all your pest-control needs.

    Beth K (from Yelp!)

Our employees are licensed, insured, and have a crime-free background check with Crimshield.  We know how to eliminate all types of insects and pests from your home and business.  We have years of pest education and training.  We go far beyond the state required training.  This makes us among the most qualified professionals available for Phoenix termite and home pest control.

Our Services

ProBest Pest Management services revolve around the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.  IPM is a decision-making process that focuses on long term prevention of pest activity and their damage.  It is a combination of several strategies to reduce the presence of pests.  Our baiting, spray treatments, and non-chemical methods are guaranteed to eliminate phoenix pests year-round.  And you can trust the work done by our team at ProBest.  We provide a complete guarantee for all of the work we perform.

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Residential Service

  • ProBest starts with an inspection of common entry points into your home.  As well as common locations where pests can be found including kitchen, attics, and bathrooms. If you’re home we may ask if you’ve seen anything.
  • Complete inspection of the outside of your home for signs of pests.
  • Treatment of any problems or signs of trouble and a record of the work performed.
  • Spray or removal of cobwebs from areas to kill or discourage spider activity.
  • Application of a complete customized treatment to the outside of your home.
  • We leave a service slip report of services completed and any chemicals used after each visit.

Got Termites?

ProBest Pest Management is the leader in termite treatment & real estate termite inspections.  ProBest Pest Management is here to provide you a thorough WDIIR report delivered via fax, mail or e-mail.
Request a termite inspection now.  We also offer a Peace of Mind free termite inspection if you are not selling your home.

We use Termidor for Phoenix termite treatments.

Protect your home from invasion of scorpions, bees, snakes and other dangerous pests with a Scorpion Home Seal.

Our ProBest Home Seal Service Includes:

ProBest Home Seal Storm Sheild installation

  1. Dust Attic or crawl space.
  2. Block wall bump-outs (pilaster) – concrete or seal those cracks, that’s where the scorpions and other bugs hide.
  3. Garage door seal StormShield (on concrete where the garage door comes down).
  4. Replace the Garage Door T trim rubber, over time this product wears and should be replaced. Sometimes this product is actually vinyl and doesn’t wear as well as rubber. So we replace it with rubber.
  5. Garage Door trim is the piece that goes around the sides of garage door. It really is there to prevent intrusion of water, rain, dirt/dust and bugs.
  6. Garage Door Rodent Guard, this attaches at the bottom of both sides of garage door molding trim and is constructed of metal making it tougher for rodents to gnaw their way into the garage.
  7. Install Dryer Vent Screen to prevent birds and other pests from entering your home through the dryer vent.
  8. Clean dryer vent exhaust duct work from the dryer to the outside. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 15,000 fires are caused each year because the lint builds up.

What can you do to prevent scorpions and rodents from gaining access into your home?

  1. Repair pipes that leak. Check drip and irrigation systems for leaks. Check to insure that irrigation doesn’t splash your home. Over time the water will seep into the house.
  2. Use pest resistant trash receptacles.
  3. Pest proof your compost bin.
  4. Encourage bats and song birds, they eat bugs.
  5. Plant flowers not to close to the house.  I don’t suggest planting them to close. Don’t plant vines that attach over time.  This creates an avenue into the house. And you can’t see what is going on behind the plant.
  6. Make sure access panels are secured and closed.
  7. Monthly or at the least quarterly check your home for unusual signs of pests or rodents.
  8. At least once a year conduct a termite inspection.