Watch out for ring worm!

Watch out for ring worm!


What does the term ringworm mean?

The term ringworm refers to fungal infections that are on the surface of the skin. The name is derived from the early belief was that the infection was due to a worm, which it is not. Ringworm is a fungal infection in the skin. Nevertheless, the name ringworm has stuck. Some of these fungi produce round spots on the skin but many do not. On the other hand, many round spots on the skin are not due to a fungal infection. A physical examination of the affected skin, evaluation of skin scrapings under the microscope, and culture tests can help doctors make the appropriate distinctions. A proper diagnosis is essential to successful treatment.

Ringworm is contagious, but contact doesn’t always result in an infection.Transmission occurs by direct contact with the fungus — by touching an infected animal or person, or by handling contaminated objects or touching contaminated surfaces.The fungal spores may remain dormant on combs, brushes, food bowls, furniture, bedding, carpet or other environmental surfaces for up to 18 months.Elderly people, young children, and adults with immune system weaknesses or skin sensitivities are especially susceptible to ringworm infection. Check with your family physician immediately if you suspect a ringworm infection.

There are a number of direct transmissions which occur when parasites such as kissing bugs, fleas, lice, ticks, worms etc. move from animals or wildlife to humans.

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  1. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection. The best way to get rid of such infection is to use best antibacteria and antifungal body soap. It contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil which greatly help in fighting against fungal infection.

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