Cimex K9 – A Bed Bug Experience by ProBest Pest Management

Cimex K9 – A Bed Bug Experience by ProBest Pest Management

I often speak about technology and with the advent of Bed Bugs it is great to see an ally in the industry. Dogs can smell way better than we can and can be rated – in this case by The Bed Bug Dog Registry. We use a team of dogs from Cimex K9 and the other day I had an opportunity to see them in action. Eric (handler) and Kohl (expert bed bug sniffer dog).


Well anyway here is the story, somebody got Bed Bugs and after the treatment wanted to make absolutely, positively certain there were no Bed Bugs in this home. It was also a great experience for us, Seth did a remarkable job (as always) and Kohl didn’t find anything except a few dead things. Which is good because Kohl only hits on LIVE.  Eric does play a little game with Kohl, just to be sure he is on the game, after the inspection he hides a bottle with a few Bed Bugs in it just to make sure Kohl in on game and you see by the pictures that Kohl did an excellent job.

So whether before or after we can get the K9 involved to assist in either the pre-inspection or post-inspection.

Sleep tight and Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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