What do you suppose cockroaches will eat?

What do you suppose cockroaches will eat?


Well I would imagine almost anything! They will eat wallpaper paste, sweets, starch, glue, leather, hair, dog or cat food, grease and oils, soap – well you get the picture almost anything. They are not as picky as Bed Bugs who only live on blood! It is important to understand what they eat because if you are putting a gel bait out and they have enough food they may never get to the gel. I have on many occasions had to inform a homeowner that they must clean the refrigerator because there was grease running down the sides and it was competing with my program.

German Roaches (BugInfo.com) are the ones to watch for, here are a few tips to keeping them out!

  1. Open food boxes after shopping and discard the box, roaches love to hide in between cardboard.
  2. Sanitation is the key, isn’t there a saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
  3. If you spot one roach, find it and see if there are others.
  4. Handle the situation immediatley or call a Pest Management Professional

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