Drywood Termites in Arizona

Drywood Termites in Arizona


So I’m guessing you probably think there are no Drywood Termites here in Arizona and you would be wrong. When people starting moving to the Wild West they started doing what humans do really well – they started to adapt to the heat and climate. They brought stuff with them and they started to plant things, creating a more abundant use of water. More pools, more fountains, drip and flood irrigation and the Central Arizona Project (that is the water supply for Arizona).

More water = more humidity and that equals the presence of Drywood Termites.Typically found down town and in older areas of Mesa.


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As you can see from the pictures above, smooth galleries and across the grain. We were fortunate in that the termites were only in the trim board but we treated with TimBor.

Andon did a super job of removing, treating and correcting the issue. Master carpenter and Drywood Termite treater.

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Did you know there were Drywood Termites in Arizona?

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