What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant? part1

What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant?


As much as none of us want to deal with a situation like this I think it is important to address the issue with the staff or management of the restaurant. Why is it such a big deal? A complaint isn’t always a complaint, it is a way of solving a mystery or potential problem. What if the issue was a bug in a salad, was it washed properly before serving? Was it an issue with the kitchen and cleanliness? Here are a few tips for a restaurant and sanitation.

  1. Sanitation is and always will be the key to a clean and well managed restaurant! The kitchen must be cleaned every night and once a month or more depending on clean-up procedures that are in place. A single cockroach could live on a spot of grease for a month.
  2. When taking in supplies, as soon as possible discard the boxes. Empty the boxes into other containers, cockroaches love to hide in boxes and will disperse the longer they are left in the building.
  3. I don’t care what kind of restaurant you are but you need a Pest Management Professional at the very least on call for advice, I really believe every restaurant needs a regular service.
  4. If you spot one (1) bug it is time for action, grab the bug by the horns (its a play on words) and find the solution to the problem. In the pest management industry we use a word called threshold – it is the number of a pest that determines the action – for example if a food facility has a 0 limit threshold that equals shutting down the line until the issue is resolved.
  5. As I stated in number 3, if you want advice please call me. Some of advice is free and if it becomes a longer amount of time I will discuss the fee.

part 2 tomorrow will be, what you as a consumer can do…  flysoup


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