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Storage Units

Storage Units

Storage Units are for all our storage needs. People use them to store all sorts of stuff from furniture to stuffed animals. There can also be issues related with pests. These storage unit can be used by anyone to store anything. So by chance the next door person could bring in all types of bugs. From cockroaches to silverfish and anything in between. The ideal fix for this problem is to remind people that bugs travel. In my line of business I see a lot of bugs and I prepare for local bugs but I keep up with all the bugs in US.

A perfect example is Brown Recluse Spiders, from Texas north in a bell curve, not frequently seen in Arizona. We do have a Brown spider in Arizona related but not the same. Every time someone is bit, they claim it was a spider. Probably not, spiders prefer to leave you alone and only bite in response to being messed with.

The time to address pest needs is before they happen, there should be a rodent plan in place at your Storage Units. Rodents bring in snakes, the more rodent activity, the greater the chance of snakes. We do have rattlesnakes and they can do some damage if you are bitten. So being proactive is the key to keeping the rodent population in check. The newer the facility, may not have issues yet but keeping an eye out for your unit is beneficial. I’ve seen termites pop up in just a month, if some one brings in German Cockroaches they could soon be everywhere.

Scary things living in your attic?

A bump in the night in your attic!

It might sound strange, but if you hear noises at night in the attic it may not be your imagination. Maybe those bumps in the night might be coming from inside your attic. Even the smallest of holes allow mice and insects such as honeybees access into your home. I always suggest that you do periodic checks of your home especially the attic to basically keep an eye out for trouble makers. Birds and even larger animals can gain access into crawlspaces & attics. As a result this can cause concern and sometimes it is a real pain to get rid of them. Honeybee are always on the search here in Arizona for a new place to live. Honeybees often swarm in Spring and Fall since we have a somewhat higher temperature throughout the year. If you notice bees going into your home use extreme caution as they may be very dangerous. Once you have made them MAD, you can’t take it back. They can stay agitated for 8+ hours, they can sting dogs, neighbors and children.




Silverfish attic – book pests

Where do silverfish live? My books are being eaten by something, what could it be?

How many people do you think bring in boxes into the house during Christmas or other occasions without thinking about pests? That pest, mouse or squirrel may have been living in that box all winter until it found itself within your home and all heck breaks loose. The silverfish may be eating the paper, glue or any binding on a book it can find. That mouse or squirrel may have set up to give birth in that warm and comfy attic space away from all the hub bub. Check out Bob Vila’s Top 5 Spring Pest Proofing Tips.




All I can think about is “Christmas Vacation” where that squirrel jumps out of the Christmas tree. Boy wouldn’t that give you a start?




German roaches

probestpestmanagementDSC05510     probestpestmanagementDSC05520

German cockroaches are the scourge of the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom. Let them in and they are there to stay until you call ProBest Pest Management that is. Many people attempt to solve their roach problems and sometimes it works but you have to understand their biology. So maybe you kill a few here or there, you should realize that that is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t recommend the use of bug bombs; they tend to make the roaches go deeper and further away for the time being. So here are a few tips to keep them out:

  1. Don’t keep boxes in the pantry; put the food into plastic containers.
  2. Don’t allow food to sit around.
  3. Keep the kitchen free from dirt and grease.
  4. Pull out the refrig from time to time and clean it, an extra tip – clean the condenser coils it will save you money.
  5. If you see one, look deeper. Don’t panic but don’t underestimate the finding.

What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant? part1

What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant?


As much as none of us want to deal with a situation like this I think it is important to address the issue with the staff or management of the restaurant. Why is it such a big deal? A complaint isn’t always a complaint, it is a way of solving a mystery or potential problem. What if the issue was a bug in a salad, was it washed properly before serving? Was it an issue with the kitchen and cleanliness? Here are a few tips for a restaurant and sanitation.

  1. Sanitation is and always will be the key to a clean and well managed restaurant! The kitchen must be cleaned every night and once a month or more depending on clean-up procedures that are in place. A single cockroach could live on a spot of grease for a month.
  2. When taking in supplies, as soon as possible discard the boxes. Empty the boxes into other containers, cockroaches love to hide in boxes and will disperse the longer they are left in the building.
  3. I don’t care what kind of restaurant you are but you need a Pest Management Professional at the very least on call for advice, I really believe every restaurant needs a regular service.
  4. If you spot one (1) bug it is time for action, grab the bug by the horns (its a play on words) and find the solution to the problem. In the pest management industry we use a word called threshold – it is the number of a pest that determines the action – for example if a food facility has a 0 limit threshold that equals shutting down the line until the issue is resolved.
  5. As I stated in number 3, if you want advice please call me. Some of advice is free and if it becomes a longer amount of time I will discuss the fee.

part 2 tomorrow will be, what you as a consumer can do…  flysoup


Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

  Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

As the season approaches and you begin the work to set up all those decorations we thought we should share a few tips on decorating:

  1. If you stored anything in your attic, check those boxes before you bring them into your home. I suggest opening them in your garage and unpacking before distributing them throughout your home. (Rodents, roaches, scorpions and all types of nasty critters could be making a home within those boxes).
  2. Check that Christmas tree before bringing it into your home, bird and bugs could be living within those branches. Some bugs lay eggs or egg cases on trees and plant, so take care. Also check any wreaths or homemade type of decorations for insects or eggs.
  3. If your putting up lights or decorations outside, check for signs of infestations such as birds nesting in eaves and honeybees going in and out from a hole or crack.
  4. If you are putting decorations on you roof (be careful) but check for any signs of infestation. Rodents and wildlife may be scratching or clawing at wood or shingles trying to gain entry, this is a great time to check for any type of activity.
  5. If your putting lights on shrubs or trees, check for signs of nesting such as pack rats and other types of birds.
  6. If you bring in firewood, only take in what you re going to use right away. Some beetles lays eggs in wood and if it is warmer in the home they may decide it’s summer time and exit the wood.


Merry Christmas to all our friends may you enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable pest free holiday season and just remember we are but a phone call away.

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German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German cockroaches can cause serious sanitation issues & asthma.

German roaches can sneak into your home by way of boxes, bags or even used clothes or furniture. The picture below which by the way looks like an American Cockroach also can spread germs and bacteria. This picture just grosses me out every time I see it. Here is a story recently published on chocolate – Bugging out chocolate allergy linked to roaches.

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