Rats, they will do whatever to get in…

Any hole may be BIG enough to let them in

Probably no single pest creates fear as much as rats or rodents, so why the fear? My first thought is due to the fact they live in some nasty places, like sewers. They also have been named the culprit in the Plague which killed 2/3 of Europe back in 1358 or so. I have people say “I can live with with a mouse in my house”. They can and do spread disease, so I recommend keeping them out of your home. So what can you do?

  1. Seal  any holes in your home.
  2. Check weep screens and those louvers in the attic.
  3. Keep the clutter down in your yard.
  4. Keep the grass mowed and keep the weeds from taking over the yard.
  5. Don’t allow trees to touch the house.

Here are a few facts about rodents:

  1. Mice don’t drink, they get all the moisture from their food.
  2. Consume or contaminate about 20% of the world’s food supply.
  3. They actually gnaw wires and are known to cause fires.
  4. Rats are omnivorous, they feed on grains, seeds meats and just about anything they can get to.


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