Best Exterminator

Best Exterminator

There are bunches of Pest Control operators throughout Arizona, and constantly they are vying for the title of Best. What determines the Best? We were included in a few of those local things, but some are made up and just want to sell plaques etc. This blog has won a few over the years and technically speaking we have been blogging since 2009, now we blog every Monday. So let me tell you what I think makes a Best Exterminator or great pest company.

  • They return phone calls promptly.
  • Did they provide an estimate before they started?
  • I think you should also check them via social media, but again don’t believe everything you read. If they have 10 bad things and you see a trend then consider that.
  • Do they explain to your satisfaction, what they are going to do?
  • Do they stand behind their work?
  • Is the work satisfactory to you and does it look good, did they clean up after themselves?
  • Are they rated with the BBB or Chamber?
  • And drum roll please, would you recommend them?


I think we do a great job at all of the above, and yes we do make mistakes from time to time. But we correct, finish and stand behind the work we do.  Check us out and give us a call 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

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