I thought I had seen it all, OMG check out the designer shoes. I know I’ll get a ton of comments but come on, ugly right? I’m not a woman, but just because I wouldn’t wear them, right? Here are some facts on birds (not shoes):

  • Pigeons are highly sociable animals.
  • Pigeons often mate for life, and generally raise 2 chicks at a time.
  • Some pigeons can live 15 years.
  • They can find their way home from 1300 hundred miles away
  • Did you know Dodo’s are related to Pigeons.
  • They can fly above 6000 feet and fly at speeds of 77 to 95  mph.
  • Their name derives from Latin meaning young chirping bird.
  • They are everywhere except Antarctica, the Artic and the Sahara Desert.
  • Here is Arizona they can breed all year round.
  • I still wouldn’t wear those shoes.

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I need to give credit to the shoe designer – When the Japanese Artist Keiko Ohata decided to befriend a group of pigeons, she knew exactly she had to do it: design & wear a pair of shoes that would look like real birds.


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