Mosquitoes are back and can be a real pain in the bod. Not on my list of favorite bugs but I guess they have a purpose. Not exactly sure what it might be but everything in its place. Annoying but they kill about 1 million people per year. Screens probably reduce the numbers to houses more than any other device.  How about a few facts:

  1. Only the females bite. OK they suck…
  2. Listed as the deadliest animal on earth, from Malaria to Zika virus.
  3. Been on this planet for about 210 million years.
  4. All mosquitoes water to survive, not a lot but just enough to lays eggs. Limit water sources and you limit mosquitoes. Unless your neighbors don’t care.
  5. What is the best time to kill them, in their larval stage? Kill them in the water where they can’t fly away.
  6. Mosquito in Spanish means “little fly”.
  7. I’ve read that mosquitoes prefer beer drinkers.
  8. That little bump you get on your skin is actually from their saliva.
  9. To avoid them completely you must stop breathing (CO2), get rid of body odor and your body heat, and stop moving. Ha try that….
  10. Worldwide 2700 species and in the USA only 176 species.


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