Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle

Danger Will Robinson Danger, Blister Beetle attack. Most of you know that warning message from the robot to the young Will. This beetle coloring similar to the Poison Dart frogs is that special warning, stay away from me I’m dangerous.

In Arizona we have several species of blister beetles, and some are black and they point their rear end at the aggressor, spraying a noxious spray to render the foe at bay.  Some stand out and some are colored, announcing their toxicity to would-be predators. Even brushing them off or accidentally squishing or crushing them on your skin can cause pain and blisters. Did you know that even dead they can pose an issue? Insects or predators eating them will be treated to a mouthful of pain, along with your pets.

While hiking stay alert:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you see anything suspicious use caution and if alerted stop and think..
  • Take care of pets as well.
  • If you encounter one and it lands on you, don’t swat. Pull it away or scrape it away with your hand.
  • Inform your children about the dangers of certain bugs, we have quite a few to worry about.
    • Rattlesnakes, critters that bite rodents, scorpions, Africanized Honeybees,and those Gila Monster Lizard things.
  • IPM is your friend.

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