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Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle

Danger Will Robinson Danger, Blister Beetle attack. Most of you know that warning message from the robot to the young Will. This beetle coloring similar to the Poison Dart frogs is that special warning, stay away from me I’m dangerous.

In Arizona we have several species of blister beetles, and some are black and they point their rear end at the aggressor, spraying a noxious spray to render the foe at bay.  Some stand out and some are colored, announcing their toxicity to would-be predators. Even brushing them off or accidentally squishing or crushing them on your skin can cause pain and blisters. Did you know that even dead they can pose an issue? Insects or predators eating them will be treated to a mouthful of pain, along with your pets.

While hiking stay alert:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you see anything suspicious use caution and if alerted stop and think..
  • Take care of pets as well.
  • If you encounter one and it lands on you, don’t swat. Pull it away or scrape it away with your hand.
  • Inform your children about the dangers of certain bugs, we have quite a few to worry about.
    • Rattlesnakes, critters that bite rodents, scorpions, Africanized Honeybees,and those Gila Monster Lizard things.
  • IPM is your friend.
Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service


Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Every once in awhile something happens that is a TRUE emergency. Not that you found a bug in the house, even if its a Bedbug, but something that really could cause problems. I can only think of a few:

Honeybees/Africanized Honeybees

  • This happens a lot in Arizona, during the Spring or Monsoon, the colony divides and sends out the swarm. Now typically the scouts look for a place to land, rest and look for a new home. This swarm will generally move on. Once the scouts find a new place the Queen checks it out and they move in. Now if its at your front door, it might be hazardous but put a sign up or block that area. They shouldn’t be aggressive, they are loaded with honey and really not protecting a hive yet. Once a hive is created they will do everything in their power to protect it. Usually within 24 – 48 hours they will move along, if they don’t move NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Rat loose in the house

  • I almost think anytime a rat is cornered or inside the residence – that is an emergency. That is why we don’t exclude a home until we believe they are dead, then we can seal up the place.

Gilbert Emergency Bee Service – Can you think of any others real emergencies? Send me a comment.

Fountains and bees

Water Fountains and bees

Anytime we think we are safe in the water, wait that was the Shark headline. Honeybees need water just like us and they will take it from anywhere they can find it. Water fountains aren’t the perfect place and neither are swimming pools. Swimming pools can be a sting of a place if you surface and the bee tags along she may decide to sting you and ouch.

This circumstance is difficult to adjust, the bees don’t want to move and generally speaking they won’t. I have tried placing a water dish with stones so they can get a drink, gradually moving it away from the other source.


fountains     fountains

Danger – rat bait

Danger – rat bait off site

Danger – rat bait off site – to any child, and/or pet, off site transfer of rodent bait. I’m not sure if this is a consumer or what is going on, as most bait must now be contained and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen soft bait in those containers. But what happens when a child or pet gets into this bait? I was never a big fan of those throw packets, because people would throw them almost anywhere. I’ve seen packets being moved by rodents to an outside vent, dropping into yards where anyone could get at it. Also we need to be aware of what pests it is, is it a Pocket Gopher, Pack Rat or ????

I see tin cats used to capture mice – not rats because they are not big enough, I also see mice stations used for rats. So the first step must be identification and then what works the best to eradicate or better yet prevention. The IPM plan of attack – where are the rodents coming from and why are they in your yard. As always consider SAFETY first, this is a dangerous step to take to get rid of mice.

Always Read and Follow all label and Use Directions – This is the Law. Failure could put people and pet lives in jeopardy. As always we are concerned about the possible movement of bait from a container, this could pose extreme concerns for wildlife, communities etc.

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Danger - rat bait     Danger - rat bait

Yikes! Can you imagine seeing this in a tree?

Yikes, is right!

OK this doesn’t happen very often, the swarm decided to stay put and start making honey comb. This can be very DANGEROUS, when they start to make honey comb they will start to really defend and protect their new hive. Also this is a BIG hive probably upward of 50,000 bees and remember if you agitate or accidently mess with them they will become nasty and quick. By the way you can’t put nasty on hold or back to what they were before you decided to mess with – always call a Pest Management Professional such as ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328


Yikes beehive


Beware the venomous spiders, DANGER!

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

I’m not a big fan of spiders, so when I’m doing work around the outside of my house I always wears gloves. I suggest anytime you do work around the yard, attic, outside or in the garage wear gloves. It’s been a long time that a death has occurred in Arizona but you really don’t need the aggravation or pain of a bite. What do you look for with Black Widow Spiders?

  1. Irregular webbing, sticky.
  2. A spider hanging upside down.
  3. A Black spider with a red hour mark on its belly, or we have the Brown Widow and it has spots sometimes.
  4. They like dark and quiet areas.

Do I really need pest control?

Each of us have to ask that question and maybe even answer it differently depending on circumstances. What are the question?

  1. How often do I see pests?
  2. What are the pests?
  3. Termites are a different type of treatment, requires a strategy?
  4. Is it a time time event, like bedbugs?
  5. Do you see scorpions or venomous spiders?
  6. Can I keep pest out by doing IPM techniques?

If you live in an area where the pests are dangerous then I suggest contacting a local company and getting their opinion. We have scorpions in Arizona and it is tough to keep them from getting into your home. If I lived in an area where Brown Recluse were active I would have service monthly. Answer those questions above and check out the National Pest Management Association website for details on where to locate a reputable pest control company.


Hantavirus – caution needed…

A recent story in the news brings to light – the caution needed when doing work in crawlspaces or attic areas. If you live in the Southwest you need to be aware of hantavirus – “Adams County, CO man dies of hantavirus“.


Urine or feces which if dried, can be inhaled and brought into your lungs and then the symptoms  really begin – they include fever, chills, headache & severe muscle pain, especially in the lower back and legs.



Photo by NPMA

Sometimes it is and isn’t honeybees?

Not sure exactly what is going on but at first thought that the bees had found a way into the home by way of a crack or space in the light fixture.

Next morning no bees at all, so maybe they were distracted by the light at night and couldn’t find the rest of the swarm.

When in doubt, check it out and call a Pest Management Professional

Photo by Zacc Cooley

Photo by Zacc Cooley

Danger lurks for field technicians.





Danger Will Robinson Danger, remember those words from the robot on “Lost in Space”? Well I was minding my own business looking into a shed/cabinet when guess who decided I was just to close for comfort. The Emu started pecking at my Webster broom that I was using to knock down spider webs and dust from the shed.

I think all field people think about what can attack, but normally you are thinking dog or even the bees or wasps. Its funny because I knew she was there but I think she was just checking me out and my broom seemed like a easy target – better the broom than my head? How many times have I hit my head on an awning or table top, how many times have I fallen into a gopher hole? Well, I’m not telling more more than enough, so be careful out there.


So if you work in the field – beware of those things that might be inquisitive?

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