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Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet

Poison Control Magnet – Do you live in Maricopa or Pinal County, AZ, would you like a magnet for your fridge? Just send an email to sales@callprobest with your address and we will send you one while supplies last and only to Maricopa or Pinal Counties. One of the best magnets for your fridge, noticeable and convenient for the entire family.

This service is free to the general public anytime they call day or night 24/7/366 and directly from their site 72% are managed by phone greatly reducing the costly emergency room or urgent care facility”. Did you know that 40,000 deaths occur each year from poisoning? You can help to support the agency, contact them directly. Check out UofA Pharmacy

When should you call Poison Control?

  • You think someone has been poisoned.
  • Has someone taken too many drugs or unknown medications.
  • Need to know more about a drug.
  • You or your pet has been stung or bitten by a poisonous creature.
  • Need information about preventing accidental poisonings.
  • If you have any question at all about medications, household products, venomous insects and reptiles.

Each and every day they receive numerous calls dealing from everything from bites, stings and accidental poisonings. 7 out of 10 callers mange their issue without having to go to an emergency room and this saves money and time for those staffers.


Gilbert Emergench Rat Service

Gilbert Emergency Rat Service

Gilbert Emergency Rat Service

Gilbert Emergency Rat Service – Of all the emergencies I can think of a rat in the house tops my list. A cornered rat is highly likely to panic and possibly do something weird. I have encountered animals under a crawlspace, gave me a fright. Probably as well for them. I’ve run across snake skins, thank God the snakes were gone. Cats and tons of parasites like fleas and ticks. Some animals when they are dying will hole up in crawlspaces etc and that is never fun.

People will say that its fine they are living on my land and I’m not going to do anything to hurt them. They do extensive damage to wiring for a/c lines, pool pumps, irrigation and car wires. Anyone of these will probably cost several hundreds of dollars to repair.

ProBest has also gone with Rodent Birth Control to help eliminate or reduce the population of rodents in your landscape or HOA. The info I always use is 2/3 of Europe were killed by fleas on rodents. So rodents need to be managed. Rodents carry many diseases, so be extremely careful. Call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

Bugs are a realty of life. But when they show up at your home, they can make life for you and your family uncomfortable, even potentially hazardous.So, keeping your home protected from unwelcome little visitors is essential.



Who you Gonna Call? ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328

Need a Professional opinion? Client of yours has a pest issue?  A true story from this last week I had a realtor ring me at home at 8:20 am, she had a concern about a relative in a group home and bedbugs. Now here is the best part, I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me. A year or two back I had a Property Manager call on a Sunday. She had tried to reach her pest company and no one would call her back. She called me I answered and took care of the bees that same day a Sunday.

If you know me I don’t mind those concerns as long as they are legit and you’re not trying to sell me something. If you have my card my cell number is on it. Some people say OMG really, yep Really. If you need me I’m available, again legit only and not after 9pm or before 8am unless the rat has you cornered or the honeybees are at your front door trying to get in.

Call someone who cares – ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328

How many Pest companies in town have their cell numbers available like this, not to many if any? If you need help do you want to spend an hour looking up companies or just have my card, stop by and pick one up or call my office they will send you one 480-831-9328

Again I would ask please only emergencies – rodent in a clients house, honeybees (remember swarms will move on 24-48 hours unless they are posing a Clear and Present Danger) I always wanted to say that. You get the drift, use Common Sense.



Emergency Bee Calls are up

Emergency bee calls are up in the Valley, honeybees have no idea what is a good place and where is the bad place. This call was right about 2 electronic doors and every time the door opened some bees flew in. A unique situation because they had this super big lobby area and there were bees everywhere inside and they weren’t happy. Here are a few facts to remember about swarm bees:

  • Typically when they swarm they ingest lots of honey, usually they are more docile.
  • They are not defending an actual hive yet, so again a little more docile – doesn’t mean that they can’t get agitated.
  • Usually as warm lands and sends out scouts, once they find a suitable home they will usually leave.
  • Bees at a water fountain are just there for water, lone bees will not attack unless you mess with them.
  • If you are stung seek medical attention, especially if allergic. Call 911 or Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.
  • Use caution as you are dealing with possibly dangerous insects.


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Does your Pest Company have a Bat phone?


I always loved the idea of having a Bat phone or a Red phone Hotline – my version of the Bat Signal maybe – that looked like it could call that one person you really might need or they might need you ASAP. By the way you know how difficult it was to find a red phone and it has a rotary dial not push buttons? Cool right?


OK its really for show, but hey it could connect me to the one person I might really need in an emergency -pondering who that could be. Here is that list:

  1. National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Jim Fredericks (he is the staff Entomologist).
  2. Dr. Paul Baker – my colleague from University of Arizona, Tucson.
  3. My Pest Industry friend Fred – he knows just about as much as I do about bugs… just about I said.

or maybe they would call me     

   4. The President of the United States (I’m going to behave myself) when that giant spider or giant bed bugs gets loose and ravishes the Country.

   5. What if the Sheriff of Maricopa or Pinal County called for my help? Hey I’m just saying!

  Who would be on your list?

Wait, don’t do it – read that pesticide label before you use it!


If the label calls for 1 ounce – 2 has got to be better. If the label says to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – ohhhh wait you didn’t read the label! The time to understand or know the label is before you have an emergency.

How many of us, used a pesticide and never read the label. I’m ready to bet, a whole lot of us.

Here are some statistics on where pesticides fit into 2012 poisonings:

Poisonstats     poisonstats2

If your allergic, it might only take one sting to kill you.


This story from Texas is sad, but it gives us insight into the fact that just one sting from an insect could kill you. “Texas student dies after allergic reaction reportedly caused by ants on football field“.

Just one sting from a honeybee or wasp can kill some people, it is more rare for Fire Ants to kill someone. However the Red Imported Fire Ant continues its move across the U.S. Here is some information from the University of Florida – IFAS office on Red Imported Fire Ants.


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