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Pee or poop

Pee or poop

Pee or poop or a combination of both, rodents? That would be my first professional estimation, the rodents are coming there for a reason and now I have to figure out why. What is drawing them to that location? Rats are a little shy while mice are curious, so which is it? Looking at the poop, they look large enough for a rats versus the mouse.

What types or diseases to rodents have and why should you be concerned? Did you know that mice urinate as they run, yuck? So you don’t what any of these beasts in your home.



I’m often amused at how people attempt to fix pest issues, but as you can see it usually doesn’t work. Chicken wires look terrible and plastic spikes don’t bend and usually turn brown. The birds often find way to nest in the plastic and again it looks bad, really bad. I really dislike pigeons, they poop in their nest and if a baby chick dies they build right on top and continue raising new chicks. Spend the money and hire a  Pest Management Professional, it will look good and be done right. We usually have seen it all before and can make recommendations on the work. Also a quick note, don’t put rocks or brick up there they might work for a time but will fail.



Poop – What is it?


Is it Poop? Not the best and most visible pictures, I need a new camera. Any ideas? I have been called a few times by people believing this to be from termites, not. I find this at the bottom of stucco and pretty readily found in Arizona.

poop DSC03764

Ok so we know its not termites, well here it is drum roll please – cricket poo. Somehow the crickets get into the wall and their feces falls down the wall voids. This is also a big sign that you need pest control because the next problem will be scorpions. I’m only guessing here but I’ll bet that scorpions love to eat crickets.

Pigeon issues at your home?



probestpestDSC06740 Does your roof look like this?

Then you need a little help in clearing them off and away from your home. Hardly a house in this neighborhood had a single pigeon on it.


Any ideas, what is it?



Whatever it was it appears that it attacked the bird and ate it. I’m thinking maybe a coyote but I’m not authority on scrat or poop.

Any ideas what you think this is? Comments please!


Pigeon Poo & You!

Pigeon Poo and You!


I think its time to find a new parking spot. Bird poo can cause disease and can also ruin car paint and other structures. The other issue I have is tracking this stuff into the home and if you have children – do you really want them playing on the carpet.

Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection. It occurs throughout the world. In the United States, it is most common in the southeastern, mid-Atlantic, and central states.

Histoplasma fungus grows as a mold in the soil. You may get sick when you breathe in spores produced by the fungus. Soil that contains bird or bat droppings may have larger amounts of this fungus. The threat is greatest after an old building is torn down or in caves.

Having a weakened immune system increases your risk for getting or reactivating this disease. Very young or very old people, or those with AIDS, cancer, or an organ transplant have more severe symptoms.

People with chronic lung disease (such as emphysema and bronchiectasis) are at higher risk of a more severe infection.

Here is a publication on the cleanup procedure and please wear a mask and wear gloves.







When people design buildings I don’t think that give any thought as to what may come to the building. After the construction is complete you find out pretty fast that other things take place that may not be very nice or clean. This area in question looks wonderful until you notice that the birds are landing and popping over the edge right into the path of children and other pedestrians. Gross and ugly to a wonderful design… Now what would happen if you owned a restaurant and the patio wasn’t covered now there is an issue with patrons getting feathers or worse yet poop on their table.

There are screen options to cover the rafter and prevent the birds from landing and doing their business on the clients. There are bird spikes and track material as well as a host of options, so please give us a call to give you some preventive options to consider ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328

Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days, when you think the world may be against you?

Yes all of us probably run into this weekly, maybe daily. We can handle it primarily because of faith, faith maybe in a few different things like 1. Faith in God 2. Faith that it just happens 3. Faith that it probably can’t get much worse, but anyway you get my drift here. I don’t want to go on about the economy or the government, or preach about the existence of God but you know stuff just happens.

So here are a few tips to stop that stuff from happening – especially the bug or bird kind of stuff.

  • More cases of Bed Bugs are happening right now because we are traveling for the summer, so take precautions.
  • Get a termite inspection yearly, it can’t hurt – it’s not like a colonoscopy (I just had to throw that in) it’s nothing like that….
  • Don’t put firewood against your home, don’t allow rocks to be higher than the stucco.
  • Clean up those oranges and grapefruits that fall on the ground, better yet give them to the food bank.
  • Clutter in and around your home can lead to pest infestations.
  • Don’t let tree limbs touch the house.

When in doubt seek out a trained professional for advice – the National Pest Management Association has a great website for consumers.

One problem can lead to another, sometimes more frightening..

One problem can lead to another, sometimes more frightening..

I really get concerned when I see pigeons, birds nesting on someone’s roof and I get worried when it happens to be rodents in someone’s attic. Remember this home seal from a few years ago “Pigeons and their Mess!” and “It’s not always what you think! Ceiling stain.”

Here is a story and video from Albuquerque about a very similar problem – secondary infestation from bird mites and carpet beetles. “Pigeon problem leads to bug infestation at Albuquerque apartment” by Chris Ramirez KOB Eyewitness News 4.

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