Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days, when you think the world may be against you?

Yes all of us probably run into this weekly, maybe daily. We can handle it primarily because of faith, faith maybe in a few different things like 1. Faith in God 2. Faith that it just happens 3. Faith that it probably can’t get much worse, but anyway you get my drift here. I don’t want to go on about the economy or the government, or preach about the existence of God but you know stuff just happens.

So here are a few tips to stop that stuff from happening – especially the bug or bird kind of stuff.

  • More cases of Bed Bugs are happening right now because we are traveling for the summer, so take precautions.
  • Get a termite inspection yearly, it can’t hurt – it’s not like a colonoscopy (I just had to throw that in) it’s nothing like that….
  • Don’t put firewood against your home, don’t allow rocks to be higher than the stucco.
  • Clean up those oranges and grapefruits that fall on the ground, better yet give them to the food bank.
  • Clutter in and around your home can lead to pest infestations.
  • Don’t let tree limbs touch the house.

When in doubt seek out a trained professional for advice – the National Pest Management Association has a great website for consumers.

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