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Pest Control by ProBest Pest Management

Pest Control by ProBest Pest Management



Bugs tremble at the sound of my name “Dr. Bug”  ProBest Pest Management


I’m not kidding, I live in Phoenix and have only seen four bugs in my house in the last 10 years.  Two American Cockroaches, one in master bathroom shower and one downstairs. One beetle (no idea what kind)  but it was trying to hide in an electrical outlet cover and some black ants. Not bad but just the mere presence scares these bugs enough, that they know not to mess with the “James Bond” of pest control. A customer just last week called to complain of bugs and by the time I walked in they were all dead. Hahaha – maybe it’s my new thing, no pest control just (IPM)  Integrated Pest Management without any pesticides. Just me wishing the bugs DEAD.

Just another reason to call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328, I know what you are thinking why call when I should call you – I’m not Physic…. Just really good at my job!



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