DIY Bed Bug treatment!

Another article to justify my concern of DIY Bed Bug treatment!

I have written numerous times concerning the use of bug bombs, kerosene or even pesticides as a tool to eradicate pests. With all these tools we must take responsibility for the safe use and follow the use directions and labeling. It is very important to everyone for the safety of their families and neighbors. Often times problems may arise from the use of a pesticide and catastrophes may spiral out of control. Health risk can be associated with the improper use of pesticides no matter the good intentions.

You must follow all Label, SDS and directions of use with each pesticide. The failure to follow these simple recommendations may lead to your safety, those of your family, those of your pests and possibly neighbors. I constantly hear about fire, overuse of aerosols, mothballs just thrown throughout the house or DE (Diatomaceous earth). Most aerosols clearly talk about the size of the room and you just have to trust the chemical manufactures who produce this pesticide that it works at label recommendations.

One of my favorite stories is when I go to a house for the first time and I see white powder all around the home. Products like dust are to be applied into cracks and crevices, not spread everywhere were they may come into contact with children and or pets. Many products like mothballs are supposed to be in areas where you shouldn’t breath it in on a daily basis, hidden away in a closet properly sealed with door frame and bottom sweeps. All this with the intent of not breathing in pesticide fumes.

Bedbug Treatments Can Be Hazardous” by Brian Mylar, KSAT 12 News Reporter



DIY Photo by NPMA

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