Arizona winter -Where do the bugs go?

Where do the bugs go in the Arizona winter?

Arizona winter – Any ideas?

Do they fly to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, where do they go? Well the simple answer is that they just hang around usually staying put whereever they were when it got cold.¬†All insects are¬†technically cold blooded, actually they really don’t have blood like you or me. In Arizona it may not get cold enough to kill them. But they get cold, they shut down. They do try to find an area which stays warmer, maybe a block wall that heats up during the day and stays warmer at night as it releases the heat. Rodents on the other hand will find a way into a structure in search of heat. They will gnaw their way in and once in will set up shop, along with any parasites they may have.

So the key here, is to keep them out. Seal, caulk and exclude them out and if you can’t do it – you know who to call —– ProBest Pest Management!

Arizona winter


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