Could your neighbors give you the bugs?

Could your neighbors give you the bugs?

What do you know about your neighbors? Do they visit you, do their children come and play at your house? Do you exchange things, do you borrow luggage? Do their children bring toys over, including stuffed bears or animals? Do their animals visit your home? Are you expecting guest who may spend a few days at your home?

All these questions seem somewhat benign but are they really? ProBest has seen some really bizarre ways that Bed Bugs are traveling these days. Spring break may be the perfect chance for these little blood suckers to get their travelin on. By the way it’s not just Bed Bugs but fleas, ticks, parasites of all sorts. No sense panicking but we just want you to be prepared and contemplate the options and consequence of a visit.

Read this survey – Bugs without Borders conducted by National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and University of Kentucky – Where are Bed Bugs found these days?

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