Which is worse – bite of spider or sting of a scorpion?


I know you really want a straight up answer but nothing is ever so simple. It depends on the spider and scorpion: basic facts

  • Both are venomous, they inject venom.
  • Just like a bee sting – you could be allergic and die from just one bite or sting.
  • Emperor scorpions – the ones they sell in pet stores, if they stung you it would be like a bee sting – again unless you’re allergic.
  • Tarantula – even though they can be huge and scary, probably wouldn’t kill you. (Just for the record, if one got that close to me – that in itself could kill me).
  • As I said lets do a little comparison – Black Widow spider versus Bark Scorpion. On average, four people in the U.S. die every year from spider bites and none of those deaths are caused by black widow spiders.Symptoms include¬† five days of pain, muscle cramping, night sweats,¬† incoherence and unusual delirium. There was a case in Colorado in 2011 where someone was possibly bitten by a black widow 19 times and died, but the coronor ruled it natural causes.

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  1. Pest Control Software

    Interesting post. Im not sure whether more people Ive treated were more afraid of black widows or scorpions. Id have to say black widows, though Ive always said as well that although painful, not very lethal. Thanks for the post.

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