Why are termites swarming in Phoenix, AZ?

Termites swarm as a form of reproduction and they are showing up everywhere in the Phoenix area and beyond.

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This was what it looked like under almost every rodent bait station in South Phoenix yesterday. Termite swarmers (alates) break their wings off and then start to follow the opposite sex, ready to begin a new colony. The rain triggers the reproduction mode of ants, termites and other insects. Have you seen termites swarming at you home, if so now would be a great time for a termite inspection?

Rain = the beginnings of life…

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  1. Will

    I’ve seen swarms in Florida and once in South Carolina at a wedding. The termites swarmed under my hotel window and they were trying to get past the screen. I think that some people think they can do termite treatments but I’ve seen the work and it looks hard and you have to have the right equipment.Why or what chemical do you think works best for termite control – you mention termidor before and new stuff out there?

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