Danger lurks for field technicians.





Danger Will Robinson Danger, remember those words from the robot on “Lost in Space”? Well I was minding my own business looking into a shed/cabinet when guess who decided I was just to close for comfort. The Emu started pecking at my Webster broom that I was using to knock down spider webs and dust from the shed.

I think all field people think about what can attack, but normally you are thinking dog or even the bees or wasps. Its funny because I knew she was there but I think she was just checking me out and my broom seemed like a easy target – better the broom than my head? How many times have I hit my head on an awning or table top, how many times have I fallen into a gopher hole? Well, I’m not telling more more than enough, so be careful out there.


So if you work in the field – beware of those things that might be inquisitive?

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