50% Off

50% Off


Have you seen those offers for 50% Off, just what are you getting? You don’t know where they started and what they really want except your business? How about a plain and simple number $45 anytime you call for pest control (under 2000 square foot home, not included termites, German roaches  honeybees, gophers  and or bedbugs). Just plain and simple $45 for monthly, every other month or quarterly.

Are they charging you more for every other month and quarterly, WE DON’T so why should you continue paying those higher fees. Call us and see what options we have for you, check us out on the BBB site

You know exactly where you stand, no 50% off, no initial fees – and here is what we do each and every time.

  1. Come to your house and check in with you, with a Webber broom in hand.
  2. Backpack spray around the bottom of home, block walls and anyplace we think bugs may hide.
  3. Granulate if necessary or use products for outside ants.
  4. Use a hand duster to put DE or dust into cracks and voids.
  5. If you’re home, treat garage and  check back with you. We will email you a service slip.
  6. We will advise and make written notes on anything that you might need to know, water leaking etc. Or bring to your attention any other bug/wildlife issues.

ProBest is here when you need us, “Call A Pro… Call The Best. ProBest! 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

ProBest handles rodents, termites, honeybees and removal, Pocket Gophers, birds, wildlife and weeds. For all your Pest needs just one call does it all. 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

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