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Can kind of concern do rodents pose?

Can kind of concern do rodents pose?


  • Rodents pose a serious threat of spreading disease, I read reports weekly about the spread of disease and rodents are right at the top generally speaking. What are some of those nasty little diseases I’m talking about. —Plague, salmonellosis, Hanta Virus, leptospirosis, rickettsialpox and lymphomactic choriomeningitis.
  • Gnawing, they can gnaw electrical lines, pool pump lines, all the while possibly triggering an explosion or file within homes or businesses. They also cause damage to the structure itself by creating holes or entry points.
  • They carry parasites like fleas and ticks and if you get rid of the rodent may have only you to feed upon.
  • They contaminate about 20% of the world’s food supply by either eating it or spreading filth like feces or urine into it.
  • They can also make you fearful, have nightmares and have anxiety attacks.

So I think it is extremely important to keep them out and in check, if you have an issue call a  Pest Management Professional today or ASAP.


Multiple Catch Traps for Mice (not for squeamish)

Multiple Catch Traps for Mice (not for squeamish)


What are they and do they work, the answer would be a resounding YES!

Just like snap traps they work really well and it almost seems like the mice were there to help each other out. I remember the old days when they said once you caught a mouse on a snap trap there was a smell that attracted other mice and that proves out today as well. Whether its a phermone or just a smell of a mouse or rodent it does seems to attract some attention. I also think that it masks some of the human smell. So don’t clean those traps, just keep on trapping those nasty little rodents..

Rodents will get in!!

Rodents will get in!!


Rodents will do their best to gain access into a structure and once in they will continue to nest and quite possible raise their young. As you will notice from the damage to this structure, the rodents have brought in food (seeds) and this is mixed with fecal material and other nasty things. The trouble is not only the animals but parasites and all the nasty urine and fecal materials that are being left behind. Notice that everyone was wearing breathing masks to prevent the possibility of breathing in any fungal spores or contaminated urine or feces dust.

Liberty Wildlife Rehab Center Update

Liberty Wildlife Rehab Center Update

Liberty Wildlife envisions a time when wildlife is recognized as an integral part of our natural world, and a precious natural resource, to be protected and preserved.

Liberty Wildlife envisions being a permanent community resource, a place to instill compassion and stewardship in young minds and a place to reconnect the public with the beauty and benefits of native wildlife and habitat.

Wildlife-Related Emergencies —-480-998-5550


At Liberty Wildlife volunteers are always needed, and a variety of volunteer opportunities are available. Time commitments vary, but usually involve three to four hours once a week. Training and support are provided. People who love wildlife and care about the environment find it a thrilling experience to work around these magnificent wild animals.

While Liberty Wildlife accepts mammals and reptiles, most of the work is avian rehabilitation. This includes birds of prey, water fowl, and songbirds native to Arizona.

People interested in volunteering must be 18 years of age or older. You must have reliable transportation and be able to commit to being on time for assignments. The feeding and cleaning, medical services, education, and facility maintenance positions are physically demanding.

ProBest has donated our services over the past year because it is just the right thing to do and we can help. Without proper pest protocols pest populations such as rodents and cockroaches can build up and possibly take over. So if you can help I think they would appreciate whatever you can do.


Joe (Liberty Wildlife volunteer), Aurora (Bald Eagle) and Dr. Bug

What’s worse rodents or snakes?

What’s worse rodents or snakes?

I guess it all depends on your perspective, maybe you are not a fan of either one. Phobias get to all of us I think (recent article ProBest’s Blog Fear and Phobia’s) and from my earliest day spiders have not been a good thought. So which is worse – I think either could be but at least generally speaking snakes can kill you. I’m going to rank snakes higher on my list just because they can bite.

So  this fall I received a call from a warehouse that was really having an issue with  snakes and rattlesnakes to boot. They were wondering about near the bay doors and has people were coming around the corners they would get the shock of their life. So the fix is to take away the food, if you eliminate or reduce the numbers of rodents the snakes will move on. Now thats if they read the same book I read. But just for the facts it worked, reduced the number of rodents and the snake call went away.

Remember its not so much the technique as it is the knowledge. You can spend time trying to figure out the options and spend money often times with little or no effects. So call a Pest Management Professional at ProBest Pest Management and be ahead of the game.

Mischievous creatures and rodents.

Mischievous creatures and Rodents..


I’m often reminded of the Christmas Vacation movie and the “Chevy Chase” aka  Clark Griswold’s Aunt’s  cat chewed the Christmas light strand one and the squirrel in the Christmas Tree stills gets me laughing.  But in reality it’s no laughing matter, each year hundreds if not thousands of homes catch fire because of critters chewing or gnawing on the wires.  Two fires cause minimal damage over the weekend – these were in Florida.

Attics and crawlspaces can house birds, animals, and rodents. Their feces/urine can build up over time and create a whole boatload of trouble for you. Diseases and parasites are secondary issues after the issues has been fixed. Once a month check you home for holes, entry ways into your house and just anything that may be different than the last time checked.

mischievous creatures

Photo from PPMA

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