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  • Its not always about the Scorpions how about visiting Arizona? Tonto Natural Bridge
                                    Located near Payson Arizona it is a beauty of natural rock formation and to be honest almost killed me about 8 years ago. How you ask the trek down wasn’t so bad but the trek up was harder than […]
  • Honey bee swarms
            Here are a few tips on honeybee swarms: Generally speaking a swarm such as the one above will move on in time usually 24 hours. When a swarm happens the bees take in honey and are therefore less aggressive don’t provoke them. A swarm will send scouts out to look for […]
  • Does your Pest Company report on conducive conditions at your home?
      Part of doing pest control involves me walking around your property and doing a cursory check of the things I see.         So when I see a condition that could cause further issues I want to bring it to the attention of the homeowner. The issue above could cause further problems […]