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  • Resources for IPM
      I talk a lot about IPM because it just makes sense you know the stories and how people just want the old way of pest control. Just like any business you have to change and adapt to those changes or you ultimately die from lack of business. I will admit it isn’t easy to […]
  • Grasshoppers
                          We don’t often talk about grasshoppers or locust but I would say that they would be considered occasional pests. Those pests that accidentally get into homes or businesses. Technically a locust is a grasshopper but not all grasshoppers are locusts. Locusts were once known […]
  • Insects make nests in unusual places.
                  Sorry for the blurriness of the picture put it is a fire alarm sprinkler head and a Mud Dauber wasp has decided to create a nest in the head itself. We decided to alert maintenance because I didn’t want the alarm triggering.   What is the weirdest place […]