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  • Hey its just a beetle or is it?
    Looks can be deceiving because this little fellow looks harmless enough but some of these beetles can squirt a toxic spray at you. The one above isa Desert Skunk beetle and will point its little butt at you in a defensive posture.Some of these beetles use thisas their defensive mechanism and can secrete a type […]
  • Why a little fungus can cause serious issues?
    Water will find the pathof least resistance and often times can cause more and more issues with a home. Let’s imagine that a chimney at the roofline is not sealed correctly and water makes it way to the ground. This water goes through the termiticide and eventually the termiticide is completely gone. The termites gain […]
  • Did you have any idea? Cockroaches may have personalities
    This article appears in the “Royal Society Publishing” “Group personality during collective decisionmaking: a multilevel approach.” Group personality during collective decisionmaking: a multilevel approach | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences highlight that the individuals within groups exhibited consistent personality traits in their probability of sheltering and total time sheltered