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  • Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?
    First off – Happy Thanksgiving!   Over the roads and through the woods oh wait that is Christmas but if you are traveling please plan ahead for unwanted pests. Are you spending the night out are you visiting friends or staying at a motel. Bedbugs can and do travel. The National Pest Management Association “Reminds […]
  • Can Bedbugs transmit diseases?
    My favorite bug is in the news once again – The Kissing Bug apparently the dreaded Bedbug may now transmit a similar disease carried by the Kissing Bug. In a study published online this week in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene senior author Michael Z. Levy PhD assistant professor in the department […]
  • Hantavirus caution needed
    A recent story in the news brings to light – the caution needed when doing work in crawlspaces or attic areas. If you live in the Southwest you need to be aware of hantavirus – “Adams County CO man dies of hantavirus“.   Urine or feces which if dried can be inhaled and brought into […]