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  • University of AZ grant for 250000 Part 2
    How to do IPM? Identify pests: not all creatures are pests. Proper identification helps you decide what to do about them. Keep records: records give information about past pest problems so you know when and where to look for them and what to do. Keep pest away: maintain cleanness and deny food water and shelter. […]
  • University of AZ grant for 250000 Part 1
        I recently attended the EPA Big Check event at the Metro Tech High School in Phoenix to witness the grant of 250000 to the University of Arizona. I recently blogged “IPM – the way of the future why don’t schools get this?“and again want to emphasize the benefits of IPM: This facility works […]
  • You keep a clean home how about your local restauarant?
      I always check bathrooms before entering a new restaurant to eat for the first time. If they can keep the bathroom clean they probably can keep their kitchen clean probably. I guess I just don’t understand the concept if you cook you are going to make a mess and it has to be cleaned […]