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  • A little mistake leads to a new discovery of an Assassin Bug
    “Scientists discover new assassin bug by accident”   I recently found a Wheel Bug in Albuquerque and will be fitting in a picture soon I hope. It has the characteristic wheel just behind its head. I was recently on a call (the first week of January) and the Box Elders bugs were everywhere. ProBests Blog […]
  • Another weird little animal from Texas
    “Carnivorous mice that howl likes wolves” The northern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys leucogaster) is rather squat and blocky has a white tummy and a white tip to its short tail. They’re not fast runners but are very agile – able to twist and turn to subdue prey in their longerandstrongerthanaverage jaws. Isn’t it great to hear […]
  • Why does Canada have some tougher rules on pesticides?
    Over the years I have noticed that Canada is tougher on pesticides than we are in the States and was just curious why that was? “Citronella safety debate” Back in 2004 Health Canadas Pest Management Regulatory Agency completed a review of citronellabased insect lotions and […]