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  • Pigeons
    So you did the work and excluded those pigeons but wait they are still hanging out. Annoying? Yes it is.   Sometimes they just won’t move and the second part of the battle begins. May I suggest a tube of PIGNX designed to get on their feet and they won’t like it much. I […]
  • Its wet and the termites are loving it
    Grass eating termites love old decaying wood or cellulose. This can be cactus or just plain grass .   Normally speaking these seldom make their way into structures but keep an eye out for mud tubes on your foundations wall on inside on the drywall.
  • Its close to halloween so BOO!
      Andon was out this last week doing some pest control treating and surprise something was out sunning. Even at this time of year we all must be aware that in Arizona it’s still quite warm. I believe this to be a Arizona Mohave Rattlesnake from what I hear more dangerous than a Diamondback but […]