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  • How do termites get into home?
    Any break or protrusion into the structure can be an avenue for termites so any pipe or other object that extends past the concrete can be their entrance.                   This was an easy entrance for the termites and once in they usually don’t leave without taking […]
  • Whats up with those crazy little termites?
      Enlarge the picture and notice the down tube (in the middle of the left hand basket). Our Arizona termites make these tubes to reach the ground and often times they can be in the strangest places.   The termites find wood and then focus on taking it back home they are smart and they […]
  • Well the weirdness continues doesnt it?
    “Screw succession: termite queen found to be genetically immortal.”   It’s all about the Queen long may she reign! Right? It is kind of interesting when she technically can create an exact replica of herself by cloning.