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  • Oh oh Houston we have a problem
    “Scorpion sting woman on plane” A flight out of LA had a bit of an issue with a feisty scorpion. Scorpions can hitch a ride but accidently getting into boxes and or other objects. It doesn’t happen often but bugs and other type of wildlife will take advantage of opportunities maybe there was water or […]
  • Citrus pest and Arizona
    “Arizona’s citrus in quarantine over tiny pest” and here is a PDF from University of Arizona – Maricopa Ag Center Ficus Whiteflyon another pest that had arrived in Arizona.
  • Interesting facts about toilets and the bugs. Did you know this?
    “Ants build toilets too.” Bugs and certain animals may be smarter than we think. Actually I think its about keeping themselves clean and not walking through their own excrement. I’ve known for a long time that when honeybees or ant encounter death they discard the body away from their home. So it just makes good […]