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  • Subterranean Shelter or mud tubes
                      Subterranean termites going up a small electrical wiring on the side of a home. I’m always amazed at how much they will go through to gain access into a structure. This is the time of the year to be on the lookout for termites here in […]
  • Why is sanitation important to controlling pest and rodents?
    You’ve seen those hoarder shows and you know the reason why your home or business shouldn’t be cluttered. But why do people collect or let their homes become a cluttered mess? There are many factors in that equation but let’s just talk about those conducive conditions that let pest occupy or inhabit our homes or […]
  • Why is it important to keep out the bugs and rats?
    From almost the dawn of man rodents and bugs have been trying to stay close to us. Why you ask I think the main reason is that we tend to want to stay dry and we collect things like food. Animals bugs and us want the same things: Food Water Shelter So when we moved […]