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  • News from the Grand Canyon
    “Monthly plague monitoring to start at Grand Canyon”   So why would I post something like this? Several years ago I was visiting Montezuma’s Castle off I17 north of Phoenix when I observed people hand feeding some squirrels and I just was amazed. Then not a month later i heard about a bite that occurred […]
  • Why do honeybees make our homes theirs?
    Honeybees will take every opportunity to make any place a home. These bees decided on this chimney fireplace. Seldom if ever used they found a crack and decided it was big enough to start a colony. This was actually a bigger issue than usual this entry point led into an open ceiling area. If this […]
  • What are my 2 toughest pest complaints?
    I probably get more calls about these two things than anything else and to make matters more exasperating not much can be done.   #1 – Honeybees coming to your pool or other water feature to drink. This is tough because in the big picture we probably don’t have a clue where they are coming […]