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  • Bee attack in Tucson
    A landscaper lost his life when he was attacked by a honeybee’s. “Swarm of thousands of bees kills man injures another” Just for the record let me adjust that heading – it wasn’t a swarm of honeybees – it was a colony or hive within the home that was agitated and attacked. Technically the dictionary […]
  • U.S. Forest service shuts down National Forest in N.M. why you ask?
    The National Forest Service shuts down a National Forest in Northern New Mexico and this little mouse also lives in the White Mountains of Arizona. “Forest Lands closed to protect Mouse”   Critical areas include portions of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forests in both New Mexico and Arizona.
  • Some one called me late to the party whats going on with the pigeons?
            The first thing I noticed beside the number of pigeons was all the mess on the garage door. I was sure what was going on but they were pretty content just hanging out in this community. What can you do to keep the population of pigeons down in your neighborhood? Obviously […]