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  • Did you know they have bugs in the Antarctic?
      “Ohio State scientists say tiny Antarctic insect has smallest genome of insects so far.” I have a friend that owns a pest control company in Alaska and does his fair share of pest control – by plane of course. That is to say that they often have to travel by plane just to reach […]
  • Is pest control necessary?
      Every once in awhile somebody hits me with this statement I can answer it with just a few short words: Scorpions Ticks and those other occasional pest like mosquitoes flies and roaches….   The statistics are there if you want them. But as I have mentioned often bugs have killed way more of us […]
  • Those termites just wont give up will they?
      One thing I have noticed over my years is that those termites just keep on going much like that Energizer Bunny. They are searching 24/7/365 and won’t stop until they find food they may turn and go another way but they keep on going.   In nature they just set off in […]