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My tribute to those fallen – 9/11



13 years have gone by since that fateful day September 11, 2001. I have had the privilege of visiting Ground Zero and the Pentagon and have been in awe of our resolute to carry on. Not only in our remembrance but in our commitment to persevere.


Here are a few pictures I took while visiting Washington D.C. this last February for National Pest Management Legislative Days.



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Emergency Bee Calls



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Emergency bee calls are up in the Valley, honeybees have no idea what is a good place and where is the bad place. This call was right about 2 electronic doors and every time the door opened some bees flew in. A unique situation because they had this super big lobby area and there were bees everywhere inside and they weren’t happy. Here are a few facts to remember about swarm bees:

  • Typically when they swarm they ingest lots of honey, usually they are more docile.
  • They are not defending an actual hive yet, so again a little more docile – doesn’t mean that they can’t get agitated.
  • Usually as warm lands and sends out scouts, once they find a suitable home they will usually leave.
  • Bees at a water fountain are just there for water, lone bees will not attack unless you mess with them.
  • If you are stung seek medical attention, especially if allergic. Call 911 or Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

4/19/95 and 9/11/2001


FlyingStarFlagToday’s blog – is not bug related but is in honor of those you gave their lives on April 19, 1995 Oklahoma bombing and 09/11/01 and all you have given their lives in defense of our country.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Thanks to the soldiers, police and fire departments who serve each and every day to protect us. I’m reminded daily of the sacrifice made to defend our country. Freedom is not free, God Bless America and God Bless our Troops and those that protect us!


What is Anaphylactic shock?

What is Anaphylactic shock?


Anaphylaxis is a severe, whole-body allergic reaction to a chemical that has become an allergen. After being exposed to a substance such as bee sting venom, the person’s immune system becomes sensitized to it. It is estimated that more than 400 people die each year in the U.S. from bee stings.  This reaction can lead to difficulty breathing and shock ultimately leading to death.

  •  A single bee sting, for example, may not cause an allergic reaction the first time.
  •  Another bee sting may produce a sudden, severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock.

Experts say that between 1% to 15% of the US population is at risk of having an anaphylactic reaction if exposed to at least one allergen – they add that these figures vary according to various definitions of a reaction. Approximately 1% of those with anaphylaxis may consequently die.

Only a very limited portion of the population (one or two out of 1000) is allergic or hypersensitive to bee or wasp stings. The average person can safely tolerate 10 stings per pound of body weight. This means that although 500 stings could kill a child, the average adult could withstand more than 1100 stings.

If you are unsure – call 911 immediately or Poison Control 1-888-222-1222 for more information.


We will never forget! 911


Each of us remembers certain things that are indelibly etched into our minds based on the events that each of us witness or endure. I can exactly tell you where I was when JFK was shot and killed in 1963 (1st grade), when the Challenger exploded 1986 (I was watching from my home in Florida) and the day that terrorist blew up the Twin Towers 2001 in NYC (I was at home in Arizona). As humans the world round reacted to these events and many others we are all brought to the same thoughts of WHY did this happen? At a very young age men of stature were killed and I don’t think I was old enough to comprehend all the ramifications of their loss. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968,  I wasn’t around when others events trans-folded like the death of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 or the Arch Duke Ferdinand in 1914.

I will “Never Forget” waking up on that morning and flipping the TV on to find this event unfolding right before my eyes and the world’s. As I watched in amazement and then complete terror as that 2nd plane went into the tower and then the crashing of both towers and the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. I was hoping and praying that most got out of the buildings! I have been struck on occasion to tear up and immediately my mind goes back to those events – Oklahoma City Memorial (those little chairs brought me to tears along with those little keepsakes within the plexiglas inside) and the Hiroshima Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan (there is a column that has a person’s image etched into it that was created as they sat next to that column and the bomb exploded).

My hope is that we learn from these events, the world is a small place and we all need to get along in Peace, God Bless all who gaves their lives and to the families that must endure without their love ones. “We will Never Forget”

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