What nonsense? Just trying to be Patriotic!

Yesterday was the 100th Centennial of Arizona and ProBest decided to offer FREE CAKE to our customers coming to our Contract U.S. Post Office, we also decided to purchase shirts with the logo and to decorate the front office and put balloons on our signs offering FREE CAKE.

This is the first time ever that we put up balloons and this just strikes me funny, in this economy you would think that the City would encourage business (we do sell stuff in our DIY store) and which we also include sales tax. Mr. Hall walked in and handed the note and said take the balloons down, he didn’t ask any questions just the note and a brochure on the law.

I don’t want to create any BIG issues here but PLEEEEEEEASE!


  1. Rebuild them from plywood the same size or larger and paint…then you have a “sculpture” !

  2. I guess Paige won’t want to ever come to Gilbert then, considering how much she loves balloons.

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