How about those stores that sell exotic pets?

 How about those stores that sell exotic pets?


Have you ever considered those weird pets that they sell at those pet stores around the US. Even weirder are the food for some of those pets, like Lobster Roaches, Dubia Roaches or Madagascar Roaches.  The other day I was teaching at the Chandler Environmental Center and some one asked me that question – What if one of those things get loose? Well that’s exactly how pests like that get into areas where they have never been before. It is obvious in areas like Florida, where Boa Constrictors and Iguanas are now a normal occurrence seen by many on a daily basis.

Come by our little store and Post Office to see “Godzilla” our Leopard Gecko and other little friends


  1. Bryan

    ahhhhhh, a cute little leapard gecko.

  2. I like the alligator stories that end up in the Scottsdale golf course water traps!
    What a sight in Arizona – Alligators!

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