Any ideas on where Bed Bugs hang out the most?

Any ideas on where Bed Bugs hang out the most?


University of Kentucky did some extensive work to determine the following information!

I think most people immediately think Bed Bugs = beds but that’s not always the case. As you can see from the work that was done that were are many other places where these little biters can be hanging out.

“Sleep Tight, Don’t let those Bed Bugs bite.”

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  1. I am a bed bug remediation specialist.
    I will agree with most of the information. However-Do to DIY applications of over
    the counter materials to kill bed bugs which mostly contain repellants. Bed
    bugs are very common on night stands . The area most misrepresented in this
    study is the area between the bedroom and couch. My company does heat
    treatments almost every day of the week. Almost every home that has live
    activity of bed bugs in a bedroom has had the host of that bedroom move and most
    often the host moves to the couch. Bed bugs will migrate and follow a host. The area and duration of transition between the bedroom and couch becomes an opportunity for endless exposer to a dwelling. The time frame is undefined due to the laying of
    eggs and other host discovered along the way. The single reason that my company
    has a 99.1 % complete elimination of all stages of bed bugs after one Heat
    Treatment is no area within a structure confirmed with live activity of bed
    bugs is left untreated. This includes cars. Content management is a must. The area in the study labeled-OTHERS, which must include the laundry, is very misrepresented with my experiences.

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