Mosquito question of the day?


So when is the best time to kill a mosquito, is it when they are an egg, larva, pupa or adult? Well the clue is right above, the best time is when they are in the water as larva or pupa. The worst time is when they are adults flying all over the place, then you have to track them down when they are in mode of biting. While they are in the water they are virtually captive within that body of water, we are talking about free standing no movement water. If the water is moving such as a fountain or stream, then the larva or pupa can’t breath – the constant wave action hinders their breathing tubes from functioning.

I prefer the mosquito dunks, bacillus thuringiensis. Can be placed in stagnate or non-moving water with ho harm to other animals. Can be used in known water areas and begin to work when water accumulates. Can be used in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, roof gutters, rain barrels and many other spots that may hold water.

Are those termites at it again?


Well it’s another sign of termites in your home. Did you know? Termites are social insects. Termite colonies can have up to 2 million but in Arizona it’s probably closer to 100,000 I think it’s due to the lack of water. They eat all kinds of wood and anything that contains wood cellulose.

A few tips to keep them away:

  1. Keep stone or soil away from stucco on house.
  2. Make sure water including drip and flood irrigation drains away from the home.
  3. Stack wood away from house.
  4. Keep bushes trimmed and away from hose.
  5. Check you home monthly for new critters,